Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Eat Your Way To A Younger You In 3 Days!

Ah! You’re what you eat! We’ve all heard this mantra time and time again – but Healthy Hollywood can’t repeat it enough.

Need more evidence? Just look to Hollywood’s enviable fresh-faced stars, like Kate Hudson and Eva Mendes, who always seem to have a glowing complexion on and off the red carpet. Yes, good genes are key, but so is diet!

Both stars are fans of Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of “Forever Young,” who has unlocked the secret to radiant, more youthful skin in three days! “The promise of a visible difference in your looks in three days may seem too good to be true. But if you eat the wrinkle-free way for even a short period of time, you will experience dramatic changes, not only in how you look, but how you feel,” states Dr. Perricone.

The superstar food of Dr. Perricone’s plan is salmon, which must be eaten twice a day for the ideal effect, which is an increased radiance and firmer skin. Healthy Hollywood advises, “Don’t walk – rush to the supermarket and stock up on wild salmon” – it will do wonders for your body and complexion.

Dr. Perricone’s Three-Day Nutritional Face-lift also helps eliminate puffiness, increases contours, and firms the jaw line. Still not convinced? Why not try it for yourself. Dr. Perricone shared with Healthy Hollywood his face-lift in your fridge.

3 egg omelet and/or 4-6 oz. grilled salmon
1/2 cup cooked oatmeal (not instant)
2” wedge of cantaloupe or fresh berries
No juice, No Coffee or Toast. If you are normally a coffee drinker, drink black or green tea to avoid caffeine withdrawal.
8 –12oz. spring water

4-6 oz. grilled salmon. Option: you can also use canned salmon and mix a little mayo and fresh squeezed lemon.
2 cups green salad made with romaine lettuce or other dark leafy greens. Dressing: extra virgin olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon to taste.
1 kiwi fruit or cantaloupe or fresh berries
8-12 oz. spring water

1 apple
2 oz. sliced turkey breast or 6 oz. plain yogurt
Small handful of hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds

4-6 oz grilled salmon
Green salad (same as above)
1/2 cup steamed veggies. No root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, beets etc.
Cantaloupe and berries
8 – 12oz. spring water

Before Bedtime Snack
1 pear or apple
2 oz. slice chicken or turkey breast or 6 oz. plain yogurt
Small handful of hazelnuts, walnuts, or almonds

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