Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Get On A Red Carpet-Ready Diet!

OMG! With just 2 days to go, stars like Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, and Anne Hathaway better have their Golden Globe glam game on. The night is sure to be a full-body fashion bonanza. Nutritionist and author of “Go Green, Get Lean” Kate Geagan stopped by our AH Live studio this morning to show Billy Bush & Kit Hoover how to best prepare your bod for a big event – whether you’re famous or just one of us mere mortals.

“The key is to start working on your diet a month prior to the scheduled event,” reveals Kate, “You need to focus on 3 things: Protein, Portion Control, and Power foods.” If you add the 3 P’s to your diet, Kate says you will lose weight, stay energized, and have a gorgeous glow. Like it!!!!

Secret #1: Protein

Protein packs staying power. Studies suggest that high protein foods, even at the same number of calories, have greater staying power than carbs or even fat, keeping you full longer. Protein also helps preserve lean muscle mass, which is not only key to looking fab in a sleeveless dress, but also keeps your metabolism revved up.

What to do:
Include protein in all your meals and snacks. Aim for protein to be about 12 – 15% of total calories. Some good protein foods: Greek yogurt for breakfast, an ounce of almonds/pistachios for snack, and wild salmon is a always good option at any meal.

Secret#2: Perfect Portions

Aim for 350-450 calorie meals and 100-150 calorie snacks. Be sure to avoid portion distortion: Remember big plates, big spoons, big cups = bigger servings and more calories. We eat with our EYES as much as our stomach, and no one wants to feel deprived, stars included.

What to do:
Research suggests you can easily consume 20 –30% less without missing it, simply by serving food on smaller plates, glasses, and bowls. Simply serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your salad plates or small soup bowls. Drink from tall, skinny glasses, as opposed to wider.

Secret#3: Power foods

Calorie for calorie, these foods provide more nutrients than any food on the planet – which is critical to maintain a gorgeous glow from inside out. These foods also help your immune system and keep energy up.

What to do:
The best power foods are plants that are loaded with color. Aim for 2 cups of brightly colored fruit and 3 or more cups of dark colored vegetables daily. Fave foods: Cantaloupe cubes, avocado, and kale.

Follow these 3 simple rules and you will lose weight, stay toned, have incredible skin and increased energy. For more information on Kate and her diet plan, head to

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