Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Joy Bauer Fit Club!

Health expert Joy Bauer has been helping folks lose massive amounts of weight on her NBC Today show segment “The Joy Fit Club”. For the past four years, she’s guided overweight people to lose 100, 200 – even 300 pounds. “It’s about courage, persistence, humility, and grit in the lives of ordinary people from all parts of the country who broke free of the bondage of obesity – and did it their own way,” reveals Joy, who adds, “One of the most surprising things aspects of my Joy Fit Club segments is how meaningful they’re for viewers who want to lose only 20 to 40 pounds.”

Now, Joy hopes to inspire everyone seeking to shed weight with her new book, “The Joy Fit Club.” It features the winning weight loss stories of 30 of her biggest losers. “I’ve also discovered the strategies they used are much the same as those anyone would employ – just on a larger scale.” Inside the pages, folks can get user-friendly tips on a healthy diet plan, 75 slimming recipes, and be inspired by others with a ‘can-do spirit.’

No matter how much weight you want to shed, Joy says the tips and strategies used by Joy Fit Club members apply to everyone. “The primary reason is no what they do but what they think. If you’re not ready to make a full-time commitment, chances of long-term success are pretty slim,” adds Joy.

Here are a few of Joy’s top rules for losing the excess weight:

Rule #1: Track Your Progress
Successful losers are diligent about keeping records – of what they ate, how they exercised and how they felt.

Rule #2: Eliminate the Extras –
Resist mindless snacking. Cut out extracurricular nibbles and follow a structured meal and snack schedule, and you can easily lose 1,000 calories from week’s total.

Rule #3: Get Comfortable In The Kitchen
Stop eating excessive amounts of prepared, packaged foods and that includes fast-food and restaurant meals. Try and eat breakfast at home, pack snacks, brown-bag lunches – and you will save calories and money.

Rule #4: Forgive Slip-Ups –
Everyone slips up on their diet. But often, people give in the temptation and then tell themselves they’ve blown and give up their diet. To be successful, need to learn to overcome setback.

Rule #5: Find A Support Network –
Having a solid support network in place is critical to success. Having the support of individuals or a group of people helps keep you motivated and troubleshoot challenges.

For more tips from Joy, check out her book, “The Joy Fit Club.”

--Terri MacLeod

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