Healthy Hollywood: Fab Food Friday – Secrets Of A Superstar Soccer Mom!

Think soccer mom and images of suburban women driving SUV’s and racing from one’s child sports event to another pops into my head. That is until Healthy Hollywood sat down to breakfast with the ultimate soccer mom – the captain of U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, Christie Rampone.

This three-time gold medalist defines superstar mom – she literally does it all. She’s raising two young kids (no nanny), travelling the world, maintaining an insane workout schedule and juggling numerous professional opportunities – not to mention she’s got a husband who needs attention. And, she was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, which is an energy-zapper.

On behalf of the healthy performance product line FRS, Christie, who is spokesperson for the company, invited a few reporters to chat about motherhood and low energy. In a recent study, FRS found that the number one obstacle moms’ face is a lack of energy.

It’s a topic near and dear to my heart, as I try and raise a very active teenager by myself and work a busy full-time job.
After listening to all that Christie does, I am exhausted. But, I do realize there are a lot of moms out there who selflessly juggle tons.

And, to listen to someone, like Christie, who does it successfully, is an inspiration. “I definitely have more obstacles to keeping energy levels up – being a mother, being the captain, and competing all over the world. But, for me, the key is mind over matter and making sure I take care of myself. Making sure I eat the right foods and stay hydrated. My bad days are when I get off my routine and I’m not eating right and snacking. I have to snap out of it quick or I can go down quickly,” she reveals to Healthy Hollywood.

At 37, Christie is the oldest player on the team and the only mom. She travels with her daughters and husband and on any given day can wake-up in completely different time zone. With age, she’s learned how to eat smarter to fuel her body. And, believe it or not, she’s doesn’t rely on caffeine or soda – which she found to be a huge energy crasher. Besides, the all-natural energy drinks and chews by FRS, she’s figured out how to eat better, “What works for me is not stuffing my face and then letting the food sit. Eating smaller meals helps me. Five year ago I used to eat 3 to 4 large meals and I would get sluggish. Now, I found that eating smaller meals helps me maintain a consistent energy level throughout the day.”

Now, Christie is passing on her healthy lifestyle to her six-year-old daughter, Reece. “She’s realizing which foods are good choices. She likes to prepare her own lunch for school. She’s big on watermelon and healthy snacks. She likes to have either a ham & cheese or a turkey & cheese sandwich. I’m just happy we got away from the juice boxes. She’s all about drinking water.”

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