Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – A Toning Must For 50-Plus Women!

Who says everything goes south after 50? Just look at the rock-solid bodies of Madonna, Christie Brinkley, and Sharon Stone and you know mature women can be and are hotter than ever.

The celebrity magnet, Physique 57, (a favorite toning regimen of Kelly Ripa & Sofia Vergara) has put together a new class/workout for women over 50. “Our ‘Fit for Life’ classes are small group training sessions (limited to 10 participants) that we developed to meet the specific needs of women fifty and over. These one-hour classes are done twice a week over a four-week period, combine low impact strength training exercises, light cardio, and stretches that are designed to create strong, lean, supple, muscles leaving participants feeling more energized, confident, and youthful,” Physique 57 co-founder, Tanya Becker.

Once the ladies finish the four-week session, they’ll be up to speed and ready to join the other classes. It’s important that older women are extra careful and do the exercises with the proper form since they are more prone to injuries, says Tanya, “Exercises should be modified appropriately, however, you still want to challenge your muscles otherwise you won’t achieve your desired results. Physique 57’s exercises are non-jarring on the joints (no jumping or pounding), which is also very important to avoid any injuries while still getting a great workout.”

Tanya helped create the groundbreaking workout that combines interval training with toning exercises. For now, Physique 57 studios are only in New York and LA, but the training center just released a book, “The Physique 57 Solution: Lose Up To 10 Inches Fast” and there are workout DVDs, so women everyone can learn this celebrity-endorsed secret to a long and lean body.

Physique 57 shares with Healthy Hollywood 4 good reasons to exercise – especially as you age!

1. As we age, our metabolic rate slows down which can lead to extra body fat.

The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn all day long. Also, the less weight you have to carry on your body, the less stress there will be on your joints- not to mention how fabulous you’ll look and feel!

2. Decrease your risk of osteoporosis and loss of bone density.

Keeping your muscles toned and strong will keep your bones strong. You’ll be able to stand taller and exude confidence and grace.

3. Reduce your risk of injuries.

Whether you enjoy playing golf, tennis, or just want to stay active for many years, you want a youthful supple body to enjoy life.

4. Keep a good attitude.

When you’re healthy and fit, you feel good about yourself. Plus, chances are you’ll be less prone to depression and have a more positive perspective on life!

“The Physique 57 Solution: Lose Up To 10 Inches Fast” is in bookstores now and available at

-- Terri MacLeod

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