Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Elizabeth Banks’ High-Flying Workout!

“The Next Three Days” star Elizabeth Banks is big on staying in shape. But, you won’t find her logging miles on the treadmill.

Instead, the 36-year-old actress prefers the great outdoors. Her fave fitness routine takes her sky-high – literally. This thrill-seeking actress loves to do the trapeze. Yup! Just like those folks under the big top.

Elizabeth revealed to Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson, “First of all, you burn a lot of calories freaking out about the fact you have to climb up three stories to get to the trapeze.”

The actress’ favorite time to fly is early in the morning and she tells Shaun there’s no better feeling than when “you do a catch on the bar.” Also, Elizabeth says it’s an awesome workout, adding, “It takes all of your core and really strong arms. The bar is really heavy. Plus, you burn a lot of calories and are in a constant sweat, and a lot of it is simply getting over your fear of flying.”

In November’s Self Magazine, Banks also shares a few more of her no-gym secrets to looking great. Besides the trapeze, she’s also into hiking, adding, “To catch up with a girlfriend, rather than sit and have coffee for an hour, we’ll hike in Topanga Canyon. I rarely go by myself because it’s such a perfect way to exercise and be social at the same time.”

Tennis is also on Banks’ no-gym agenda. Always game for a little friendly competition, Elizabeth tells Self, “Hand-eye coordination is good to keep up, and you can play tennis your whole life.”

But, her biggest secret is common sense.

“Let me put it this way…we all know what’s good for us. When you have a choice between broccoli and a cupcake, you know which is good for you.” And Banks adds, “Every day I ask myself, what’s going to make me healthy and feel good about myself? I try to make more decisions on the broccoli side than the cupcake!”

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