Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Henry Cavill’s Transformation From Chubby Kid To Hollywood Hottie!

Eye candy alert! Hunky Henry Cavill is flaunting his biceps in a skintight t-shirt on the November issue of Men’s Health. Very hot!

It’s hard to believe a guy with that physique was ever known as “Fat Cavill.” But, it’s true – The “Immortals” star reveals to Men’s Health that his classmates back in England used to tease him. “Kids are cruel. Whatever. I was fat,” adds Cavill.

Thankfully, Cavill’s chubby days are in the past. For the past few years, he’s made women drool as the dashing Duke of Suffolk in “The Tudors.” Now, he’s ripped onscreen as a Greek warrior in “Immortals” and is currently filming the ultimate superhero role as Superman in the reboot “Man of Steel.”

Yet, it wasn’t until the 28-year-old started training for “Immortals” a few years ago that he finally stopped thinking of himself as pudgy. Cavill spent hours lifting weights alongside the film’s other ripped warriors. “There was a sense of team and camaraderie,” he tells Men’s Health, adding, “We all sweated together, we all bled together, we all ate the same highly inefficient food and just kept on going and supported each other.”

Right after wrapping “Immortals,” he began training to become the man of steel. Cavill was determined to suit up sculpted and sexy. So, to achieve that goal, he did a training routine known as the “tailpipe.” It’s a 100-rep workout that burns fat and emphasizes both the exercises and recovery. After you finish an exercise, then you take eight controlled breaths in and out before you start the next exercise.

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