Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – ‘Hunger Games’ Workout!

“The Hunger Games” is a worldwide phenomenon! The action-packed film raked in more than $150 million at the box office over the weekend.

Based on the wildly popular book series from Suzanne Collins, at the heart of the film is a kick-butt story of survival, with four skills necessary to master – archery, tree climbing, speed work, and strength.

So, to take on the role of Katniss, actress Jennifer Lawrence had to get in serious athletic shape.

“There was a lot of running – like track and free running. Then hand to hand combat, archery, and yoga,” reveals the 21-year-old about her training regimen to Access Hollywood.

The actress, who admits to being, “clumsy and pigeon-toed,” says she picked up archery pretty easily but, “I run like an idiot. I don’t know what’s wrong. My feet curve in – I’m pigeon-footed, so I run like…I had to restrain my feet to run straight. That was tricky.”

“The Hunger Games” is heavy on athletic prowess, so it’s no surprise exercise gurus are picking up on how to get their client to train like a tribute.

“As a fitness expert I love all the functional and real life moves inspired by this movie – running, jumping, crawling, tumbling plus all the skills like archery,” states fitness expert Lisa Wheeler of the online exercise site, Daily Burn. “I understand we are not ‘running for our life’ in a post-apocalyptic death match reality game, but to be able to move our bodies with ease, efficiency and grace and to look and feel great as we do it …now that is a goal,” adds Lisa.

Daily Burn’s “Hunger Games” workout is a circuit-based training regimen. Lisa suggests repeating each circuit 3 times and says you will start to see results in 3 to 4 weeks if you do her workout 4 times a week.

Learn To Train Like A Tribute:

After a 5-minute warm up, perform each exercise with little to no rest between, for one complete circuit. Finish up with a 5-10 minute cool down stretch to release tension from the muscles worked.


Exercise - Single Arm Row with Rotation

Equipment – Resistance Band

Muscles Worked - back, shoulders and biceps, as well as core

Description – A single arm row simulates the upper body action in archery by drawing one elbow back (engaging the deep muscles of the back) and slightly rotating the torso. Hook tubing around a stable pole or doorjamb and place both handles in your right hand. Step back until the tubing has some tension. Pick up your right foot and balance on your left, and then begin to pull the tubing back, right hand moving towards right hip. Add a slight rotation to the right, opening up the shoulder.

Do 12-15 reps and switch sides.


Exercise – Bear Squat

Equipment – none, just your body weight

Muscles Worked - Core dominant but also working legs, glutes, chest, shoulders and triceps

Description – The bear squat combines a full plank, which is fantastic for the core, and an explosive leg press. Begin in plank then bend your knees and send your hips back over your heels, keeping the knees off the floor (spine is flexed and arms are extended). With a powerful push from your legs, extend back out to plank and hold. Do 15-20 reps.


Exercise – Curtsy Squat Side Lunge

Equipment - Dumbbells

Muscles Worked - legs, glutes and core

Description – To truly develop strong legs that are functional for running, jumping, leaping and carrying heavy loads, you must train them in all directions. Holding heavy dumbbells in each hand, begin with feet together. Step out to the side with your right leg, keeping your left leg straight. Hinge forward slightly but keep chest lifted with the dumbbells on either side of your right leg. Push off your right foot and immediately step back and cross behind the left leg, bending both knees into a curtsy squat. Do 12-15 reps and switch sides.


Exercise – Quick Feet Drill

Equipment – none, just your body weight

Muscles Worked - Cardio driven but focus on legs and core

Description – To be quick on your feet and have the agility to change direction quickly, you must train the muscles to fire rapidly and with power. This drill is about quickness and endurance and really elevates your heart rate. Begin in the athletic ready stance (feet a little wider than shoulder width with knees slightly bent and a slight hinge forward from the hips) with arms out to the side, palms forward. Start moving your feet as fast as you can as if running, keeping the feet close to the ground. Keeping your shoulders and torso stable, randomly twist your hips (knees and feet as well!) to the right and quickly back to the center. Continue for 1 minute. Repeat to the left, continuing to keep your feet moving as quickly as possible.

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