Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez’s Game Is On!

“I never work out,” jokes New York Jet Mark Sanchez to Healthy Hollywood.

The hotshot quarterback teases his ‘oh-so fine’ physique is all natural – no sweat required!

I may not know a lot about football, but I do believe Mark’s upkeep on his toned tush takes more than good genes. After being pressed for his biggest workout secret, Sanchez finally ‘fessed up strengthening his core is key. “It’s a long season, you take a lot of hits and if you’re strong in your core, the center part of your body, your overall body usually feels pretty good.”

Healthy Hollywood got the opportunity to hang with a few of the players from the NY Giants and NY Jets at a recent event celebrating the naming of MetLife Stadium, which is home to the two NFL teams.

With the kickoff of the NFL season this week, lots of folks have football on the brain, so Healthy Hollywood did its best to scour the event roster and find out some workout secrets from Sanchez and a few of the other players.

NY Giant Eli Manning agrees with his on-field rival, Sanchez, and says for QBs it’s all about the core. “You’re not so concerned about getting stronger and bigger, just maintaining, staying healthy and making sure you can take some hits.”

For NY Jet David Harris, it’s all about cardio. “A lot of cardio, running on the treadmill, running up the hills, be on a bike, you have to do something to get your heart rate up.” Harris, who admits to letting up on his hardcore workout routine during the off-season, says once he suits up he takes off the extra pounds fast. “[I start] eating right and stop doing things I shouldn’t be doing.”

“I stay in shape, I would show you my abs, but nah,” teases NY Jet Darrelle Revis, who adds, “I really try not to get too out of shape, I mean after the season you want to take a couple weeks off to rest your body after a long season, but you want to get right back into it.” Revis is big on healthy foods – not hearty man-entrees, “eat pasta, eat vegetables, drink water – I mean just simple nutrients that you need.”

“I am not a fan of the gym,” states NY Giant Antrel Rolle, who reveals to Healthy Hollywood, “If I worked out, I would be like 230 pounds right now, but I do a lot of running. As a defensive linebacker your main thing is to stay in shape – you have to do a lot of running with those fast receivers.”

As for the rumor football players love to do yoga, Rolle says, “I tried it and I quit after two days.” Real football players do Pilates – at least that’s the word from Revis.

Here’s to a great season of football! Catch all the action when the NFL season kicks off this Thursday.

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