Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Taylor Kitsch Boxes His Way Fit!

He’s buff. He’s rugged and he’s about to be the newest action hero on the block.

Taylor Kitsch hits Hollywood with a one-two punch in the sci-fi action “John Carter” and then the action epic “Battleship.” Best known for his role on “Friday Night Lights,” Taylor is ready for his movie star moment – and will keep his feet planted firmly on the ground – thanks to boxing.

“This’ll keep you honest,” Kitsch reveals to Men’s Health magazine.

The magazine’s April cover guy calls boxing his ideal training ground. “You knock out both cardio and weight, really, in an hour and a half. But you’re drenched 99 percent of the time,” reveals Kitsch. Plus, the gym is the one place the emerging star still feels completely comfortable. Whether you’re running, lifting, or boxing, he tells Men’s Health, “you never walk out of the gym and say, ‘I shouldn’t have gone.’”

The Canadian-born Kitsch has always been athletic and wanted to be a pro hockey player. However, an injury put that dream on ice, but Taylor did get certified as a nutritionist and trainer.

Taylor shares his top 5 secrets to getting the most out of a personal trainer with Men’s Health.

1. Be clear about how the trainer can help you.
Need to set your goals and communicate them to your trainer.

2. Take responsibility for your shortcomings.
If you stayed out late and came home to munch down sugary sweets, let your trainer know. That way your trainer can work your misstep into your workout.

3. Crank up your favorite tunes!
Pick your top five fave songs and do your cardio during these songs. Nobody likes doing cardio.

4. Be patient!
Everyone wants immediate results, but remember it takes time for nutrition and exercise to transform a body.

5. Eat right, but don’t go crazy!
Be aware of what you’re eating, but don’t deprive yourself 24-7. Go ahead and enjoy the occasional pizza or beer.

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