Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Train Like An Action Hero!

Hollywood’s action heroes – from Will Smith to Matt Damon to Ryan Reynolds – all need to be in top-notch shape to take on the bad guys. Now, there’s a new action star in the wings.

Meet Jon Lee Brody, star of the upcoming martial arts film, “The Hurricane Kid.” His mission is to train hard – get buff – and eventually woo all the ladies with his eye candy abs.

Jon has been preparing for his role as a martial arts warrior for the last six months. His workout schedule is intense, between 5 and 6 hours per day. “I started out at 160 pounds, and the producers wanted me to bulk up. Since the start of training, I have gotten up to 180 pounds with all the weight gain being muscle! This is all thanks to the rigorous training…and a lot of steamed chicken,” states Jon.

Taking a cue from “Twilight’s” Taylor Lautner, who transformed from scrawny to brawny, Jon, 27, is doing a similar workout. They both train at Xtreme Martial Arts World Headquarters in North Hollywood and are both schooled in martial arts. “My favorite class there is Cage Fitness. It’s 5 rounds that are 5 minutes each and you do various exercises with a Mixed Martial Arts grappling dummy (a stuffed training partner),” reveals Jon.

Jon shared with Healthy Hollywood his typical week of training. I worked up a sweat just thinking about it!

Monday & Wednesday: (Strength Training & Conditioning)
1. 5-mile warm-up ride on a stationary bike
2. Early afternoon circuit training. A circuit is when you go from one exercise to another without stops (i.e. Bench Press to Pull Downs to Curls). Each circuit ends with a cardio exercise and you usually do 3 cycles of each circuit.
3. Cage Fitness in the evenings

Tuesday & Thursday: (Cardio)
1. 9am session of Cage Fitness
2. 8 - 10 mile run
3. Cage Fitness & Martial Arts class in evening

Friday: (Cross-training)
1. Weights
2. 10 mile run
3. Mixed Martial Arts techniques practice

1. Cage Fitness in the morning
2. Acrobatic Class. Jon plans on doing all of his own fights and stunts. This class helps with his moves.
3. 8 mile run

Sunday: (day of rest)
1. Hike with dogs to unwind

So, with all this heavy-duty training, which body part does Jon think will make women swoon? “Wow! Way to make me blush! I really don’t know how to answer that. I’m gonna totally duck that question and say that my brain is my best body part,” states Jon.

Humble – and hunky – now that’s a winning combination!

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