Healthy Hollywood: Karine Plantadit’s Healthy Habits!

Broadway star Karine Plantadit is bringing down the house in the Tony-nominated musical “After Midnight.” Karine is a standout as one of sexy dancers in this glamorous tribute to Harlem’s heyday back in the original Jazz era.

The French-born actress is nominated for a Fred & Adele Astaire Award for outstanding female dancer. And, Karine reveals to Healthy Hollywood, “After Midnight” is unlike any other Broadway show.

“’After Midnight’ is not your regular show; because of the element of jazz coming from the Harlem Renaissance, there’s a part of impromptu coming from the New Jazz Orchestra on stage with us non scripted which keeps us all on our toes night after night,” she explains.
Karine also tells me the fact her character communicates through dance is an added challenge, revealing, “Every movement I make needs to be detailed and precise allowing the audience to follow my story with complete clarity.”

A power nap before each show helps her to stay energized throughout the performance. Plus, off-stage, she has a consistent fitness regimen.

“Exercises are important to your workout routine and why I practice yoga and swim. The cross training of being without gravity in the pool has helped my dancer training to be more productive and dare I say…Have longevity. Yoga teaches me to be whole, to use breath as a guide to let go out of any pattern not serving my body or soul. And, I start the day with my Buddhist practice and chat Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for 1 to 2 hours in the morning,” adds Karine.

And, of course, to keep her body in optimal shape, she relies on healthy eating.

“I stopped eating any red or white meat 15 years ago as I realized my body had trouble digesting it. I eat food which will give me energy, like vegetables, fish and nuts and refrain from the ones which take it away, like soda, candy and sugar. I have a low tolerance for food badly prepared without mindfulness as my instrument well-being is my soul vehicle to achieve my true potential as a dancer and actress,” notes Karine.

Healthy Hollywood wishes Karine the best of luck at Monday night’s Fred & Adele Astaire Awards this Monday night in New York City. For more on the show, check out

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