Healthy Hollywood: Make 40 The New 20!

Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston shows us all “40” has never looked sexier. These age-defying beauties and their firm bodies certainly give most 20-year-olds a run for their money.

“Everyone loves to see a woman in her 40s look like she’s staying beautiful and curvy effortlessly,” says exercise guru David Barton, creator of the DavidBartonGym, where celebs like Renee Zellweger and Gwen Stefani workout.

Certainly good genes – a fabulous (aka pricey) trainer and a healthy diet (aka personal chef) all contribute to their ageless appeal. Yet, famous or not, Barton says all 40-plus women are fighting gravity and a tendency to gain weight.

“As an adult, without a serious strength training regimen, the body loses half a pound of muscle a year and therefore, body parts will soften and succumb to gravity. Common areas you’ll see fat show up in the 40s are the hips and thighs, around the middle and triceps,” he added.

So, to keep yourself fit and fabulous in your 40s and beyond, Barton says strength training is a must – it will keep the metabolism active and help the body appear leaner overall.

David’s 3 Favorite Body Shapers:

1. Bent Over Row (for a sexy back):

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend knees slightly and grip barbell with comfortable weight (can also use dumbbells). Lean slightly forward, while keeping chest up and out. Back straight. Let arms hang towards the floor, elbows to sides and leading with elbows pull the barbell straight up to sternum and then slowly lower weight down. Try and do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

2. Squat Holding A Dumbbell (for lean legs):

Stand in plie position. Hold a dumbbell (vertically) between legs and then squat so thighs are parallel to the floor. Squeeze butt and thighs as you return to standing position. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

3. Hip Extension (for a perky butt):

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and a slight arch in back. Grip a dumbbell (or bar) in front of you and lean forward until dumbbell is between point on knees and the beginning of foot. Return to standing position. Be sure to squeeze butt and push hip forward. Keep tension on butt and hamstrings. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

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