Healthy Hollywood: Try It On Tuesday – Get A High-Tech Workout!

Welcome to the era of high-tech fitness!

There seems to be a zillion and one gadgets and apps to meet all of our fitness needs. Whether it’s tracking calories, logging food intake, designing a personalized workout – there’s a gizmo for just about anything – except actually getting it to burn calories for you. Stay tuned coach potatoes, Healthy Hollywood is sure that gadget is in the works!

Healthy Hollywood’s curiosity is peaked by all these inspiration/informative devices. Do they actually work or will they inevitably end up collecting dust in my apparatus graveyard?

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels recently teamed up with the high-tech tracker, the BodyMedia FIT Armband. She promises it is “an essential tool to losing weight, getting in shape, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” Really? Let’s test her claims!

Healthy Hollywood recruited its favorite New York trainer at Equinox Fitness, Ben Hart. Ben, a competitive boxer, is a go-to fitness guy and is up on all the latest and greatest apparatuses on the market. So, Ben spent a good week putting Jillian’s monitor to the test. “As a trainer, I believe this device is a great device. I think this could be very helpful to some of my clients to help them manage aspects of wellness they find hard to do themselves on a day-to-day basis.”

The BodyMedia FIT Armband is worn throughout the day and monitors all of your daily activity and sleep time (which is important for weight loss). It also offers a personalized workout/diet plan, plus feedback from Ms. Michaels herself when you sync it up to a computer and input data that will then track calories in and out, offers suggested meal plans and workout routine – it basically keeps on top of all things wellness-related. “It makes it very easy to get to know some of your current habits and adjust to make a better you. I would recommend it to my clients whether they’re trying to lose or maintain weight. There’s no more guessing on how much you have burned, just track! Some of my clients find it hard to wear the heart rate monitor around chest,” adds Ben.

The BodyMedia FIT Armband is an investment. The device costs $179.99 plus it requires an activation subscription to Jillian’s online feedback, which is $4 per week. Also, Ben cautions it can be a negative for those who are already compulsive calorie counters. “This counter will feed the problem to an obsessed level. For everyone, I would recommend using it in moderation. I firmly believe that using it too much will drive you nuts about how much you burn relative to how much you are taking in. I think overuse of this product could lead to an obsessive lifestyle. Start off by using it just during workouts to get an overview of current fitness routine. Then, gradually start to use it a couple days a week to keep you conscious and on top of your habits.”

Overall though, Ben thinks this is an awesome device for anyone serious at taking their health and fitness to the next level.

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