Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Blinded By Celebrity Whites!

Healthy Hollywood met up with the gorgeous Blake Lively last night at a Chanel event in New York City. The actress is absolutely stunning in person. Yes, she’s got that newlywed radiance, from her recent marriage to actor Ryan Reynolds. But, she’s also got the most infectious smile! Her mile-wide smile can easily warm up the most hard-hearted person.

Blake’s natural beauty is certainly luck of the gene pool. But, her dazzling smile certainly had me inspecting my own less-than white-teethed grin in the mirror later that evening. Healthy Hollywood has tried at-home bleaching remedies with not-such great results. Truth be told, I just don’t have the patience for the nightly bleaching ritual and my teeth get super sensitive. Alas, I ditch the whole thing and my stained teeth remain.

Healthy Hollywood recently came across a new professional in-office whitening treatment; the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed. The 45-minute session promises to whiten teeth up to 8 shades to give you your whitest smile with minimal sensitivity. The treatment uses LED whitening technology to accelerate results.

According to Tammy Jones, a marketing manager for Philips Oral Healthcare, the treatment is super simple and perfect for time-crunched folks, like me. “The procedure begins with a special covering to protect your gums, the dentist then applies a unique hydrogen peroxide whitening gel,” adds Tammy, who says the peroxide helps breakdown the stains. Tammy adds, “The LED light from the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed lamp is then turned on to help these stain-fighting radicals whiten faster.” There are three separate 15 minute sessions and at the end of each session the whitening gel is re-applied. Experts say that individuals with yellower teeth will have more dramatic results than those with grayer teeth.

The results aren’t permanent, but could last up to two years. It’s best to cut down on stain-inducing foods/drinks, like beets or red wine. Tammy also suggests using at-home whitening products for longer-lasting results.

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