Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Dr. Oz’s Rx For Happiness!

“You’re happiest at age 50. You’ve worked out your issues and gotten past worrying. You can just enjoy the bliss of being in the game of life,” exclaims Dr. Oz in October’s Prevention magazine.

This is good news for all those celebrity baby boomers that will or have turned 50 in 2012. Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Jon Bon Jovi and Matthew Broderick are just a few of the marquee names hitting the half century mark this year.

By the way, Dr. Oz is a youthful 52 years old.

Besides age, Dr. Oz shares his top secrets being healthy and happy in this month’s Prevention. “It’s all about having the right lifestyle.”

Here are four of Dr. Oz’s must have habits to live a longer and happier life:

1. Show up early:
“Being 5 minutes late is a small thing that creates big stress, which in turn can cause chronic inflammation and high blood pressure. For instance if you get to work 5 minutes before 9, you’re not stressed because you’re ahead of everyone else.”

2. Don’t skip breakfast:
“Our bodies have a biological expectation of a morning meal, so when you skip breakfast your body get confused and think there’s famine. This decreases your metabolic rate and makes it harder to burn calories throughout the day.”

3. Stretch first thing in the morning:
“Stretching for 10 minutes every morning has a variety of benefits, including decreasing risk of heart attack, alleviating stress, and improving circulation. You can feel the effects in just 10 days.”

4. Respect the 10 PM hour:
“There’s a sacredness to sleep that we overlook and it’s a big problem in America. By 10pm, you’d better be getting ready for sleep, because the average American gets up at 6, and you need 8 hours.”

For more of Dr. Oz.’s healthy lifestyle habits, pick up the October issue of Prevention magazine.

-- Terri MacLeod

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