Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Salma Hayek’s 24-Hour Beauty Secret!

Who hasn’t had a weekend binge of decadent eating and drinking? Then, woke up Monday morning and felt bloated and not-so-cute in your skinny jeans.

Or, maybe you want to shed a few pounds with a cleanse, but don’t think you can survive a day without food. What to do?

Salma Hayek, along with her juicing guru Eric Helms, may have a solution. They have a one day juice cleanse that will get your body back on track. It’s a new program offered on Salma and Eric’s Cooler Cleanse program.

“Simply put, you can ramp up your energy lighten your caloric load, and revitalize your body and mind – all inside of 24 hours, “ reveals Eric, co-founder of Cooler Cleanse, adding, “Besides flooding your body with over 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables, a juice cleanse has benefits such as radiant skin, increased energy and mental clarity.”

It’s the perfect way to discover if you’re game to commit to a longer cleanse or to de-bloat after a night of heavy partying. “It couldn’t be simpler just replace your regular meals with six fresh-pressed juices for a day-long mini cleanse that leaves you super-charged,” adds Eric.

Just like the 3-day and five-day Cooler Cleanse, juicers need to prepare.

“The more you simplify your diet before you begin, the better your experience and results. Try to “eat the cooler way” for at least three days before you cleanse. Even one day is better than one,” reveals Eric.

Avoid processed foods, red meat, dairy products, sugar, alcohol, instead try and eat a fresh, organic vegetarian diet prior to going on a cleanse.

Go ahead and find out what a difference a day can make! Check out

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