Heidi Montag ‘Would Never’ Have More Plastic Surgery; Says She & Spencer Pratt Lost Over $1 Million

Heidi Montag’s life has taken a drastic turn over the years. After skyrocketing to fame on “The Hills” and making headlines for undergoing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day in 2010, the former reality star is happy to be living her life out of the spotlight.

The 26-year-old stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Thursday, where she dished about her now infamous choice to go under the knife and come back up with a whole new look. But does Heidi regret the cosmetic work she had done?

“I would never do it again and I never recommend it for anyone,” Heidi told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.

“I was definitely way in over my head. I’m glad it worked out and you can’t really reverse time,” she said of her decision to undergo numerous procedures. “I kind of wanted a few enhancements and then it kind of got out of hand. I wasn’t told really the repercussions and what would happen, emotionally and psychically and the pain I would be in. I was kind of in shock.”

Heidi told Billy and Kit that she has not gone under the knife since and doesn’t think she’ll have more plastic surgery in the future.

“I haven’t done anything. I’m not sure if I would have done anything again,” she explained. “I just focus now on being healthy, alive and strong. If you’re not beautiful inside it really doesn’t matter what you look like outside, and I think I kind of lost track of that.”

Adding, “I should have just been reflecting on my heart.”

Heidi also opened up about husband and reality TV partner in crime, Spencer Pratt, who was not happy about her choice to have the surgeries.

“He was very against it. That was a big issue in our marriage,” she told Billy and Kit. “[But,] we’re good, we’ve been married for four years and we’ve been together for six — in Hollywood that’s ancient! Until death do us part I would say. I honestly love him more and more every day, I laugh more, we enjoy each other more, especially taking a step out of the spotlight. We’ve really been able to enjoy each without all the chaos.”

Heidi, who is hosting the third anniversary party at Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas on Friday, does have one regret about not being in the spotlight.

“I only miss the money,” she admitted. “If we would have saved our money, it would have been better.”

She said that expenses like “clothes, hair and makeup, managers, publicists, agents and lawyers” took a toll on their bank accounts.

But how much does Heidi estimate that she and Spencer lost over the years?

“I’ve never really counted, so I’m not sure [how much we lost], a lot… over a million or so,” she estimated.
The former reality star said she now lives in a property owned by Spencer’s family, which has helped the pair save money.

“I’m eating and healthy… a lot of our expenses are minimized,” she told Billy and Kit, explaining that Spencer could have a new career in his future, possibly in politics. “It’s his last semester at USC for a political science degree… I’m not sure if he wants to go into politics, but I think he’s interested in certain areas. He’s more of a behind the scenes kind of guy these days.”

Looking back, Heidi said she and Spencer lost their way during their rise to fame and after having “a self-awakening” moment, they are back to their former selves.

“I’ve really just taken these years since ‘The Hills’ and kind of been on my own journey… we both just kind of stepped back and have been able to reflect on who we’ve been, where we want to go and who want to be and what we want in our lives and it wasn’t the path we were going down. So we just kind of changed back to who we originally were,” she told Billy and Kit. “We’re very grounded and humbled and money and fame and the fast life, you don’t really know how you’re going to react to it. I certainly never thought I would become the person that I was.”

Adding, “It was quite the whirlwind and I’m happy to be out of it.”

-- Jesse Spero

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