Hollywood’s Top Ten Female Celebs Of 2006!

(December 28, 2006) — A worldwide scandal.

A nasty break-up.

A big fat Italian wedding!

These are just a few of the reasons we here at Access Hollywood couldn’t stop talking about ten special ladies in 2006!

We begin with lovely “housewife” Teri Hatcher. Teri was the tenth most talked-about woman on Access Hollywood this year with 38 stories in all.

Hatcher is followed closely by the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, newlywed Nicole Kidman, at #9.

At # 8 is Jennifer Aniston. Jen’s love affair with Vince Vaughn didn’t last, but it did have us writing 45 stories! Speaking with Access earlier this year, Jen acknowledged that although her relationship with Vince was short-lived, it happened for a reason:

“There are relationships that you are in that aren’t necessarily meant for the long haul, they’re meant to really teach you something.”

One relationship that seems to be meant for the long haul is Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Our newly-engaged pal Eva is #7 on our list.

Jessica Simpson‘s heart-breaking divorce from Nick Lachey landed her at #6, while the always controversial Madonna and her international adoption scandal led to a grand total of 48 stories, cementing her in the 5th position.

Access Hollywood hostNancy O’Dell addressed the media frenzy surrounding Madonna’s adoption when the two had a sit-down talk:

“Angelina jolie goes off and adopts a child and she almost becomes a saint,” said Nancy, “and then there’s this controversy surrounding the wonderful thing you are doing!”

Madonna expressed her frustration in her reply, saying “It felt unfair — it felt like a personal attack. It felt like it had nothing to do with what I was actually doing.”

Now, we can’t have a list of the Top 10 women of ‘06 without including some “Britpack” members!

Lindsay Lohan‘s ongoing underage party life has her breaking into our top five at #4, and at #3 is Britney Spears herself. Panties or no panties, Britney, we just can’t write enough about you!

Our #2 pick? Mrs. Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes. Her beautiful baby girl Suri and her extravagant Italian wedding gave her a ton of face-time on Access this year.

And our #1 most talked-about female celebrity of 2006 is none other than the talented and beautiful Angelina Jolie!

Who wasn’t enthralled, mesmerized, and entertained by watching Ms. Jolie trot the globe in 2006? From India with her family, to her sexy night out in New York City with boyfriend Brad Pitt - Angelina topped all other women with almost 80 stories!

And our Brangelina story for 2007: To wed or not to wed?

Angelina isn’t quite ready to go there. As she explained to our own Tim Vincent, “It’s just not as important to us — its not what we talk about.”

Well, these are the women that we just couldn’t stop talking about all year!

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