How Did Alexander Skarsgard Finally React To ‘True Blood’ Rolling Stone Cover?

When the “True Blood” Rolling Stone cover featuring Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer naked and drenched in blood was first unveiled in mid-August, the lanky blonde Swede was out of the country. His first look at the image that created a typhoon of headlines earlier this month took place at Sunday night’s HBO post-Emmy party, where Access Hollywood finally showed him the finished product.

“I haven’t seen the actual magazine, because I just got back, but — Oh, do you have it here?” Alexander asked Access’ producer, who whipped out a copy.

“Give me your reaction,” the producer asked.

“Yeah, well I… you know,” Alexander said as he looked at himself and his co-workers on the cover — the picture produced not only a blush, but a grin. Click HERE to watch Alexander’s reaction!

“It’s kind of graphic,” he said followed by what can only be described as a giggle.

The 6’ 4” gent, who plays sexy Area 5 vampire sheriff Eric Northman, said that the nudity on the mag cover, was an end-of-shoot idea.

“We did a couple of other versions of it, like with clothes on,” he laughed. “Then, towards the end, the photographer was just like, ‘Lets do something crazy if you’re up for it.’

“And obviously we were,” Alexander added, with a chuckle.

Sam Trammell, who plays Merlotte’s bar owner (and shape shifter) Sam Merlotte, had seen the cover previously and told Access he continues to be surprised by all the fuss.

“What’s the big deal? People are going crazy,” he said as Access’ producer broke the cover out again for Sam to get another look at it.

“Yeah, I guess there’s a lot of blood,” Sam reconsidered. “But that’s just typical for our show. I mean honestly, this is nothing for our show. It’s been a big controversy, which is great, it’s good for the show, but whatevs… Naked in blood? It’s sexy. It’s a sexy cover.”

Joe Manganiello, who joined the cast in Season 3 as hunky werewolf Alcide Herevaux, echoed Sam’s statement about the cover.

“For us, it’s just a typical day at the office. Naked, covered in blood? I mean, come on! It’s what we all do at work every day. It’s how we make a living,” he said.

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