'Jane The Virgin' Q&A: Brett Dier

Jane and Michael are back together on The CW's "Jane the Virgin."

In last week's episode, Brett Dier's character came knocking on Jane's door to tell her that he had  pushed her away to protect her and her son, Mateo. With Sin Rostro dead, Michael was finally able to confess his feelings (he still loves her), and when he did, he found out Jane's feelings were the same.

Now that they are back together, Jane and Michael have to break the news to her family, and her baby daddy, Rafael. Those conversations will end in mixed results, as Access Hollywood found out when we hopped on the phone with Brett to find out more about Monday's new episode.

Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Brett Dier as Michael in 'Jane the Virgin'

Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Brett Dier as Michael in 'Jane the Virgin' (The CW)

AccessHollywood.com: What was it like to film the ending sequence from last week's episode?
Brett Dier:
It was a good scene to play as an actor because there was so much going on. There's this relief of Sin Rostro that he brings [to Jane] that [Sin Rostro] dead and Michael finally, after all this time, can go to Jane and go, 'It's safe now. I promise you Mateo won't ever get hurt,' and the amount of love that Michael has for her that he's been kind of shutting down in front of Jane just so that she doesn't get her hopes up in the last week or season or episodes or whatever – it's been really hard for Michael to do that to her, so that last scene was just a really intense moment for Michael and it was a lot of fun to play.

Access: Did you know it was coming? Did they sit you down and tell you that Jane and Michael would be getting back together?
No. I honestly found out the day before we shot it (laughs).

Access: Really?
Yeah… We got the script the day before we shot that episode and I think the first day back was that scene, so I had probably 12 hours with that scene before we shot it.

Access: So you get the script, you had no idea it was coming. Was it kind of one of those moments where you were sort of, running around going, 'Oh my God!' and you're waving script pages around, going crazy?
(Laughs) I was super stoked for Michael because the guy's been through so much stuff and I feel like he finally deserves something good, so I was excited for him and I was excited because this also means that aside from Jane, the bromance with Rogelio could be a possibility as well, to set up again, which I think that is a fun dynamic between Rogelio and Michael that I enjoy playing as an actor too.

Access: For sure. I want to get into that in a second, but first I want to know when the episode begins, how long have Jane and Michael been back together?
I believe it's right away, I think. I think it's right after that.

Access: How fast does Michael want the relationship to move, as in, is he ready for an engagement if he's still in love with her?
I think Michael's always been ready, except for – the only problem that stopped him was the whole artificial insemination thing, which really ruined his life (laughs). I think he's one of those guys that is just endless love. He just has endless love towards Jane. I mean, he screwed up in the beginning by not telling the truth. I think Rogelio will have to deal with the anxiety that he's had in the relationship with Jane getting artificially inseminated, now this Rafael guy coming out of nowhere. [there are ] a lot of insecurities, especially with his job – because he's a detective, he's got a really intense job. He had a lot of crap to deal with so he kind of lied to Jane just out of fear and I think he's learned a lot from that, so now he's ready to just be the best version of himself and never lie. 

 Jaime Camil as Rogelio and Brett Dier as Michael in 'Jane the Virgin'

Jaime Camil as Rogelio and Brett Dier as Michael in 'Jane the Virgin' (The CW)

Access: Do you and Rogelio [Jaime Camil] have scenes together again, because gosh that coffee cart scene from last year just broke our hearts – the things they couldn't say to each other.
Yeah, I think there will be some scenes coming up with him too…  We got really good feedback on that relationship… so it's definitely something that they want to keep alive and it's just a fun thing. It's just a fun thing for Michael's storyline and also, I think that Michael's good for Rogelio [because] he's not really [swayed] by his fame like everyone else is. So it's good to have a bro who just doesn't really care about his fame and is just there for him. They have that kind of dynamic and it's just interesting.

Access: [The person not happy about Jane and Michael getting back together] is baby daddy Rafael. Do you think other than the fact that they both love Jane that these two men have any common ground?
Honestly, I don't think they have too much in common other than the fact that they've been through this whole thing, almost together. I mean even though they went through it like hating each other… they still kind of went through it together, so I feel like that could be something to reflect on and can maybe even help each other out with. But I don't think that's going to happen easily, or if at all. I think that it's something that's going to be super intense for them both for a while, but I don't see, yeah, I don't know, I don't see them having too much in common.

Access: How much is your character going to have to watch his back again? Obviously it looks like there is going to be a fight in this episode or at least some physical contact (judging by the trailer). Rafael has thrown Michael under the bus before.
Yeah. Yeah, definitely. They might have to work together for the Mutter case, which could be really interesting. It's going to be hard for them both to be in the same room together. I find that's going to be kind of awkward, especially now that Michael's with Jane for now. In that situation, I think it's going to be harder for Rafael right now and I think easier for Michael because I think now that Michael has the girl, he can kind of let things go more, but I think it's going to be a tough thing for them both, which is obviously going to lead to some entertaining scenes.

Access: For sure. So how does Michael feel about fatherhood? Do you think he's ready to do some parental responsibilities or be a dad or part time because he's in Jane's life?
I do. I think that Michael was ready since the beginning, until this whole thing happened -- the artificially inseminated baby -- but I think he's always ready for this and this is something he's always wanted, so even though it's not his baby, I feel like he's kind over that now. He's had a long time to reflect on that, so he's ready to be in Jane's life and be in Mateo's life and be the best version of himself that he can be.

"Jane the Virgin" continues Monday at 9/8c on The CW.

-- Jolie Lash

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