Jason Schwartzman Talks Married Life, ‘Bored’ Finale Clues & His ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Sword Fights

It’s been a big year for Jason Schwartzman — a new album with his band Coconut Records, film roles in “Funny People” and the November-due “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and the starring part in the HBO show “Bored To Death” — but he told AccessHollywood.com at the “Fantastic Mr. Fox” premiere at the AFI Fest in Hollywood on Friday that one thing stood out.

“The highlight of the year is of course getting married,” Jason said of his July wedding to designer Brady Cunningham. “Married life is incredible — it’s great, it’s like having the most incredible roommate in the world.”

But working with director Wes Anderson once again on “Mr. Fox” may have run a close second.

“There’s no one like him in the world, he’s a unique voice,” Jason said of his “Rushmore” and “The Darjeeling Limited” director. “If he wants to hire me, put me in a film, there’s no reason why I would say no. Plus he’s my best friend, so I get to go to work with my best friend.”

As for “Bored To Death,” his HBO series on a writer-turned-private detective, he dropped a few clues about the racy November 8 season finale.

“There will be some semen that gets stolen, some lesbians and some sports,” he said. “It’s HBO.”

And with a second season greenlit by the network, Jason said series creator Jonathan Ames (the writer Jason plays on the show) already has some big ideas.

“There’s some crazy stuff happening,” he said. “Stuff that I might be embarrassed to have on record.”

The actor also has a role in next summer’s comic book adaptation “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” as one of several evil ex-boyfriends that title hero Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) has to defeat in combat to win the love of Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

“I had so much fun [on ‘Scott Pilgrim’],” he said. “I was working with two people I admire so much, Edgar Wright, [the director of] ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz,’ and Michael Cera, who in my view is the best [actor] working. I got to learn how to sword fight and battle and I got to go up on the wires for some flying kicks and stuff.”

In other words, a part that’s more action-packed than many of the bookish past roles of a star perhaps best known for saving Latin in “Rushmore.”

“It’s very stunt heavy,” he continued. “Edgar let us do all of our own stunts.”

And with Halloween coming on Saturday night, Jason said he’s got one more role to take on for the holiday.

“I’m going to be an Access Hollywood reporter,” he joked. “It’ll be fun.”

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