Jennifer Hudson Wants A Little Girl; Talks Criticism While Striving To Lose Weight: ‘You Cannot Win With The Weight Loss’

Jennifer Hudson is on top with numerous awards, a loving fiance and son, and an inspiring weight loss.

However, the 27-year-old says earning her svelte body had its drawbacks.

“I’ve come to realize you cannot win with the weight loss,” Jennifer told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live. “First they say you can’t do it, then when you do they said, ‘Oh, well, you’re gonna gain it back.’

“Then, when you don’t gain it back, then people get madder and they say, ‘Well… well… you lost too much weight,’” she continued. “And that is why I say you have to do it for yourself. It shouldn’t matter what other people say or what they think you should do.”

Jennifer recently revealed she turned down the lead role in the hit drama “Precious” (which would have required the star to gain weight after her successful slim-down). However, Jennifer says the required extra pounds were less of a deterrent than the film’s gritty subject matter.

“It was not about the gaining weight part, it was more that I felt the character was going places that I did not want to go at the time,” she told Billy and Kit. “I felt it was too graphic… I’m in a different place now and more open to a lot more things.”

Beyond her inspiring weight loss journey, Jennifer was happy to dish about her most prized creation – her son with her fiance, wrestler David Otunga.

“Is [your son] precious all the time?” Billy asked.

“He really is! Yes,” the proud mommy said of 2-year-old David Jr. “He’s always been such a good baby and he’s just the sweetest thing. He’s such a blessing.

“He’s very advanced for his age, so he likes to talk a lot,” she added. “He’s a chatterbox.”

Jennifer’s little boy has also taken up both of his parents’ trades, but prefers to display them in a surprising way.

“He loves to sing, he loves to wrestle,” she said. “[But] he likes to wrestle mommy and sing to daddy!”

While David Jr.’s busy parents haven’t announced a wedding date (the couple became engaged in September 2008), Jennifer said she’s definitely planning on adding to their family – hopefully with the birth of a little girl.

“I want a little girl so bad. And [my son] walks around saying, ‘I want a sister,’” Jennifer said. “I want a little girl so bad! But not right now. Give it about three more years.”

And she’s not concerned about the inevitable body changes that are par for the course with pregnancy.

“I feel like I got it. Having a baby – obviously your body’s going to change,” she said. “[It’s] OK, I’ll just start all over again.”

The award-winning singer delves deeply into her personal life in her new book, “I Got This” – available in stores now – and Jennifer said the book’s title signifies the her day-to-day outlook.

“It’s like, not doubting ourselves, not second-guessing ourselves, just going for things. I always say, if God placed me here, I have no choice but to be prepared,” she explained. “So I try to not question anything. It’s like, I’m here, so I must be prepared for it.”

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