Jennifer Lopez & Ryan Guzman Bare All For Real In 'The Boy Next Door' Sex Scene

It's all about that booty in "The Boy Next Door" and the film's stars Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman told Access Hollywood what fans see on screen -- is all them.

"No, there was no body doubles in the movie," Jennifer assured us at the movie's press junket on Thursday in Los Angeles. "It was just about… conveying that there was a connection between them and that they're in that moment, [that it] was enough for him to become really obsessed with her and for it to change her life forever… It had to be an intense scene."

Ryan was honored to co-star alongside J.Lo and surprised to learn the superstar didn't use a stand-in.

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"That wasn't the selling point, but I mean, yeah," he said while turning bright red. "When I read that scene, mind you when that scene was in the original script, it was yay big, so it didn't have any details. So, and I thought, 'It's Jennifer Lopez, she's not gonna be in the room while we're doing this intimate scene. It's going to be some double that I'm doing it with. It might be a guy for all I know.' So, I didn't focus on that at all."

(A stunt double Jennifer has been known to use in the past is male, by the way.)

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The actor admitted to some performance anxiety when the time came to drop his drawers, but can you blame him?

"Let me ask you. If you got naked in front of Jennifer Lopez and a bunch of other guys, would you get nervous?" he said. "Exactly! What they do is they give you a little sock, you throw it on yourself and you say, alright do your scene. My heart was pounding."

Like Jennifer, this Latin lover has a lot to be proud of from behind.

"I'm all Latin baby. This butt, I was born with," he laughed.

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J.Lo – who is also credited as a producer of the film – spoke about the pivotal role the sex scene plays.

"That scene is actually a very important scene. Besides the fact that it's a sex scene, it's the moment that they share together and it's the only real, real moment they share together in the whole film, so you had to be believable, impactful, passionate, all those things so that you believe that the rest of this movie happened," she explained. "And I really feel like we accomplished that."

Not all takes went as planned, though. Ryan sheepishly discussed an embarrassing blooper when his character lifted J.Lo by her famous derriere.

"When I picked her up, and I pulled her up, I threw her and she hit her head one time and I felt so horrible," he said of his lightweight co-star. "I didn't know what to do. I continued with the scene hoping they could use something from it, but after the fact, my face turned red, I was apologizing nonstop, but it was a hard thump."

"The Boy Next Door" steams up theaters on January 23. 

-- Paige Feigenbaum

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