Jenny McCarthy’s Engagement Glow!

In today’s Healthy Hollywood feature: Jenny McCarthy is getting married! “The View” co-host happily announced her engagement to actor Donnie Wahlberg last week. So, it makes sense why Jenny was absolutely beaming when Healthy Hollywood recently caught up with her in New York City.

This lady is in love and has the rock and more importantly the inner glow to prove it!

I couldn’t be happier for the bubbly TV talent. She’s one of the nicest celebrities around. Plus, she’s truly passionate about health & wellness. My kind of girl! In fact, every time I meet up with her I think she’s a long lost friend – so easy to be around.

The last time I met up with Jenny, we chatted on and on about yoga and all its awesomeness. But now, Jenny tells me with her busy gig at “The View” she’s doing something a bit different to stay in shape.

“I have a treadmill in my dressing room at ‘The View.’ So, I will go in at 6 AM and jog. I’m there before anybody else. I like to just kind of jog and get my brain awake because I never used to have to use that much brain power ever in my before 10am,” reveals Jenny.

Also, Jenny is a big believer in supplements. She takes 45 capsules a day and now, she’s found her ultimate go-to. Jenny is a paid spokesperson for Vemma Renew, which is a low-calorie nutrient rich drink.

“To me beauty starts from within so I’ve been kind of giving it to all my friends and going ‘this makes you happy,” she explains.

And, she credits her 11-year old son, Evan, with helping her get on a solid nutrition program.

“Because I was forced to look into how poor nutrition is so bad for your body. I feel like there’s no way I would have been able to be where I’m at today if I didn’t start utilizing all the gifts that are planet has naturally for brainpower and vitality,” notes Jenny.

-- Terri MacLeod

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