Jesse James’ Ex-Wife Asks Court To Award Her Shared Custody, More Child Support

Jesse James’ ex-wife has filed papers in a Southern California court asking for joint custody of the former couple’s daughter, Sunny James, in addition to child support and attorneys’ fees.

According to paperwork filed on May 17 by James’ ex, Janine Lindemulder, and obtained by Access Hollywood, the former porn star is asking an Orange County, Calif., court judge to force James to help her as she relocates back to California from Oregon and to give her a 50-50 custody split with James of their little girl.

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Lindemulder, who has made a number of porn films over her career, claimed she is now working for Campus Marketing Specialists, where she makes $8.50 an hour as a file clerk, for an average of $1,170 a month. She claimed she also receives an average of $1,610 a month in royalties from Vivid Video and from a Web site.

Lindemulder noted she is currently married to Jeremy Aikman, 32, who earns $500 a month.

Additionally, she claimed she currently lives in a halfway house and recently received $3,000 from her mother to help with living expenses.

She noted in her court declaration that she is “completely broke,” and “will incur substantial costs as a result of relocating to California.”

In her declaration, Lindemulder claimed she expects to regain “legal and physical custody” of their daughter and expects “the court will reinstitute the 50-50.”

In addition to asking for child support, she is asking a judge to order James to give her $5,000 so she can “retain” an attorney.

Lindemulder claimed in her court filing that James “certainly has the ability to provide the relief requested.”

After she moves back to California, Lindemulder claimed to the court she believes she’ll have $7,770 in expenses a month. Lindemulder claimed $500 of that monthly amount would be allotted for childcare, the same amount she estimates she’ll spend on the categories for “entertainment, gifts, and vacation” and “clothes.” Her monthly “eating out” expenses, she expects, will total about $400, or roughly the same price as her “telephone, cell phone and e-mail” bills.

A date has been set in family court for June 17, 2010 to address her court filing.

As previously reported on, with the help of wife Sandra Bullock (who is in the process of divorcing the “Monster Garage” star following his infidelity scandal), James fought for and received custody of his daughter in December 2009. Lindemulder’s visitation rights were limited to just daytime hours.

Lindemulder was sentenced to federal prison for tax evasion in 2008.

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