Jessica Simpson On Favorite Wedding Memory, Slimming Down & Whether She Wants More Kids

Jessica Simpson tied the knot with Eric Johnson, the father of her two children (Ace and Maxwell), in a gorgeous San Ysidro wedding in July.

Access Hollywood's Billy Bush sat down with the fashion mogul in an exclusive new interview – her first since becoming Mrs. Johnson! – where Jessica told us she feels sexier than ever as a wife.

"Eric is the best. Being married, for me, it defines so much more than even having kids," Jessica told Billy exclusively at the debut of the fall line of the Jessica Simpson Collection at Nordstrom in Los Angeles. "We still feel like we're on our honeymoon."

Billy Bush chats with Jessica Simpson Sept. 20, 2014 (Access Hollywood)

(Access Hollywood)

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Being a Mrs. has changed the blond beauty's fashion.

"It actually has changed my style. I'm very into slip dresses and everything's a little bit sexier," she said. "I feel sexier as a wife and a mom!"

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The 34-year-old's weight fluctuated during her two pregnancies, and her changing shape was heavily scrutinized by the media – something Jessica said she learned to shake off.

"It was just my life at that time and where I wanted to be. If I'm gonna be scrutinized for it, I'm gonna take it. I'm not gonna let that define who I am," she said. "And I think women understand me because of that, because I've risen above that."

These days, Jessica is looking hotter and trimmer than ever, which she attributes to motherhood.

"After having two kids, my focus is on being my better me, the best version of me," she explained. "And a lot of that has to do with squats and lunges, walking, diaper changing, and eating a hot dog every now and then."

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But don't mention the "d word" around Jessica!

"The moment I tell myself that I'm on a diet, I'm like, destined to fail. Like, I am not going to stick to it," she said with a laugh. "Two days later I'm gonna be like, 'Oh my gosh! I need to eat that bagel!' I think it's more about just making it a lifestyle."

Jess is adding to her billion (yes, billion!) dollar empire with a sexy new signature fragrance – the first to be named after the star.

"I named it after myself, so it better be good!" she said of the new scent, adding that Eric has given the fragrance his seal of approval.

When asked why she thinks the Jessica Simpson Collection has been so wildly successful, Jess said, "I think at the core of it is we're not trying to be too trendy, but we stay on trend… it's about just paying attention to who your customer is."

The star credited her mom, Tina, with helping to make Jessica's design dreams a reality and said she's a constant source of strength.

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"It's a big business that somehow came out from my heart and underneath me. And my mom has been a champion through all of it and has helped me stay focused and create," she said.

And Tina's not the only Simpson family member to be involved! Ashlee has also been instrumental in creating the children's clothing line.

"The kids collection is a rock star for us. Everybody has gravitated towards it. My sister, Ashlee, has had so much to do with it, and my mom," she said. "It's a family affair here."

Jessica also shared her favorite memory from her wedding day, where the stunning couple had a fashion mishap.

"Eric bent down to get Ace, who was running [down the aisle] towards him, and he split his pants completely in half. It was completely split," Jessica said. "Me and Eric are like saying our vows and I feel something's [off], like, 'Are you worried about something? Hopefully it's not being married!'"

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When the ceremony was over, Eric took off his pants, which led to a sweet moment for the bride.

"So my favorite memory of the wedding is Eric sitting in his boxers after everybody had left the ceremony, and we had to get a tailor to sew his pants back up. Just sitting there with [my] man in his Calvin Kleins and his tuxedo jacket," she laughed. "There was something sexy about it, and because he split his pants because he was reaching for my kids, it doesn't get better than that."

As for whether she and Eric plan to have more kids, Jessica said "not anytime soon, but I can't say never."

-- Erin O'Sullivan

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