Joe Manganiello Talks Possible ‘True Blood’ Romance With Sookie & If Werewolves Wear Underwear

“True Blood’s” Sookie may have her hands full at the moment on the HBO drama, repairing her broken heart, while falling for amnesiac vampire Eric Northman – but a romance with hunky werewolf Alcide could be in the cards says Joe Manganiello.

“Well, they’re teasing it a bit,” Joe said on Tuesday’s Access Hollywood Live, with Billy Bush and guest host, “Private Practice” star Kate Walsh.

“Obviously my character’s very close and she (Sookie, played by Anna Paquin) has stuff going on with Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) right now, but as you can see from the last episode, the ghost of her grandmother channeled through this medium and told her to not give her heart to the guy she may be falling in love with,” Joe continued. “So obviously, the door’s still open.”

In one of the fan-favorite moments of the season so far, which aired just two weeks ago, Alcide helped Sookie after Eric drank a fairy to death and the vampire went swimming in the lake — in direct sunlight. The episode had Joe stripping down to shift into his wolf form, prompting Billy to ask if werewolves wear skivvies.

“We had long talks about whether werewolves wear underwear or not,” Joe laughed. “[In] our character research, we decided that, no, they don’t.

“I was actually wearing what we refer to as ‘the sock’ there,” Joe added of his “True Blood” scene, which saw him removing his blue jeans as part of his character’s transformation into the beast.

“The Sock” – which men on “True Blood” and other programs wear to maintain some on-set modesty – has actually become quite an important garment, as Billy found out.

“Is it better wearing the sock or without?” Billy asked.

“Before I got on to the show, there were actually people on the show who didn’t wear the sock. But, I guess for health purposes we all have to wear the sock,” Joe said.

While the clothing item protects his modesty, it doesn’t exactly instill confidence when Joe has to work alongside a real wolf on set – a creature known to weigh as much as 175 lbs.

“Here’s the thing, when the wolf is present and they bring them out on big thick chains… My brother jokingly said he was gonna sneak into my trailer and switch out my sock for a sausage casing,” Joe laughed.

“But there’s literally a trainer standing in back of me, waving raw meat at this thing to get it to look at me… and I’m naked,” he added.

“True Blood” airs Sundays on HBO at 9 PM/ET, or on HBOGo at any time.

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