John Corbett On Marriage, Adoption & Nailing His ‘Sex And The City 2’ Comeback

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that after starring in a movie that examines what comes after getting married (“Sex and The City 2”), John Corbett was going to have to field a few questions about his own thoughts on the issue.

And while the actor recently told “Live with Regis and Kelly” that he and ladylove Bo Derek might just walk down the aisle “in the not-too-distant future,” the actor clarified his comments earlier this week to Access Hollywood.

“It seemed like I was making a flippant comment about my regard for marriage. I hold it in the highest regard,” John told Access on Monday. “I’ve never been engaged. How many people have been engaged three or four times and called it off or whatever? I mean it’s something that I really have high regard for and there’s a time for it. [The ‘Regis and Kelly’ comment] — it just happened.”

John said marriage is something he thinks about in tandem with rearing a gaggle of children, which is (SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen ‘SATC 2’ yet!) something his character Aidan Shaw in “SATC 2” has after finding a wife following his past TV series split with Carrie Bradshaw.

“I’m not against marriage, but I think it’s the right thing to do if you’re gonna have a family,” John added of his own thoughts. “If you’re gonna have kids, you should ultimately be married. Nothing against people who aren’t, but I think it’s a good thing to do to give that kid a foundation that feels stable, not just mommy and daddy are boyfriend and girlfriend, but we’re beyond that, I think. We’re beyond that having kids.”

While John said he and Bo might be beyond having kids, he isn’t opposed to bringing some into their loving brood at some point — Charlotte Goldenblatt-style and adopting.

“Now, adopting kids, that’s a whole other thing. That’s not out of my realm one day to do,” he said enthusiastically. “Even though I’m 49, I still feel like I’m 25, like I just arrived to Hollywood. I mean, I’m always hustling to try to get my next job… I’m just not grounded. I’m always off to somewhere for some length of time.”

His beautiful blonde girlfriend, Bo, however, would have to approve of any additions to life on their Southern California ranch.

“One day, you know, when I settle down, I mean, I know everybody does it, but I’m just not everybody and if that day ever comes when I adopt a kid — if Bo’s into it — I’ll be moving less around the world, trying to make a buck,” he said.

Speaking of moving around, that’s exactly what the couple did when John headed out to Morocco last year to film his role as Carrie’s former flame Aidan, whom she runs into unexpectedly in the Abu Dhabi desert. John explained he worked for just a small portion of the two weeks he spent there, leaving lots of time to spend with Bo.

“We had 14 days there, so I did the one scene where Sarah Jessica and I meet in the souk and it lasted maybe five hours to shoot and then maybe it was the next day we shot the stuff where we had dinner and had a (SPOILER!) little kiss,” he said. “So we went out to some nice restaurants at night with some new friends and [we’d] go shopping in the day in the souk and in the Medina and watch the snake charmers, you know, just touristy stuff.”

Speaking of that “little kiss,” which “Sex” fans now know wasn’t so little, was John pleased with the verbal reaction of theater-goers, which he heard first-hand at the one screening he went to – the premiere at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall?

“There were probably 4,000 or 5,000 people in that theater… And so there was a loud outburst of male and female voices and what I still remember is a kind of, ‘Oh no!’ effect,’” John recounted.

“That’s what the moment was supposed to be,” he said, pleased at having achieved the intended reaction. “Whenever the moment is that you’re trying to capture, whether it’s a funny bit or a line or something, there’s nothing like working hard on a funny bit and you watch it with some people and nobody makes a sound and it sort of falls flat, you failed. So I think Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica and Johnny C, we achieved that moment there.”

“Sex and The City 2” is in theaters now.

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