Johnny Depp On Bonding With Angelina & His Son’s Play Date With Pax

In just days, the big screen pairing of the year – Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie – will hit theaters in “The Tourist.”

Johnny met Angelina’s partner, Brad Pitt, years ago, but working on the film gave him his first encounter with box office beauty Angelina and at their first meeting, the superstars focused on family.

“We just got on instantly,” Johnny told Access Hollywood correspondent Tim Vincent in Paris on Wednesday. “We got on very well and within minutes, we were sitting there yakking about our kids, you know?”

“What was the initial reaction between the two of you – because you both come across as [having] a great sense of humor?” Tim asked.

“Well that was sort of the great gift that Angie brings,” Johnny replied. “At the same time [that] you’re doing your work, you need to be able to cut up and have a good time, you need to be able to have a ball, so I found that she had a very, you know, vivid and energetic sense of humor — very perverse.”

Both the Jolie-Pitts and Johnny’s family have homes in France — a fact which they also bonded over.

“We’re not too far from one another – our families – in France,” Johnny said. “But… I didn’t know them all that well so I never really…”

“Bumped into them in the park?” Tim asked.

“No,” Johnny confirmed.

But “The Tourist” brought the families together.

“Were there any power play dates with your families living so close together?” Tim asked.

“Not a full on event, but we did have Angie’s boy, Angie and Brad’s boy, Pax, came over and he and my boy, Jack, played some video games one night, which was really sweet,” Johnny said.

Johnny and Angelina played hard themselves – on the set of “The Tourist,” shooting on location on the canals of Venice.

However, they were trailed, all the while, by the paparazzi.

“The paparazzi has been chronicled [as having gone] mad while you were there… That must have been distracting,” Tim suggested.

“They were everywhere, I mean every angle you kind of venture to look towards there’d be somebody with a lens — a very long lens,” Johnny explained. “I don’t know how Angie and Brad do it, I mean, other than the fact that there’s a bit of a recluse in her and Brad and certainly in me you know.

“I mean literally leaving for work in the morning and there’s, you know, three paparazzi boats following you,” he added.

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