Judd Apatow Open To Doing ‘Bridesmaids’ Sequel If ‘The Idea Is Fantastic’

Judd Apatow isn’t ruling out a sequel to the Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy-starring breakout comedy hit “Bridesmaids.

“It truly is one of those situations where, if there’s an idea that makes everyone incredibly excited to do it, it could happen,” Apatow told a small group of reporters on Friday after the HBO panel for “Girls” at the Television Critics Association Winter Session in Pasadena. “If we feel like it’s just a business proposition, it won’t happen. And that’s how it should be.

“I like sequels. I just made ‘This Is 40,’ which is kind of a spinoff of ‘Knocked Up’ about Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd and ‘Get Him To The Greek’ is kind of a sideways spinoff of ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall.’ I wish there could have been another ‘Superbad,’” Apatow continued. “So I always want there to be another one, but it really shouldn’t be done unless the idea is fantastic.”

Previously, the Hollywood Reporter wrote that Wiig and Annie Mumolo, who she co-wrote the film with, weren’t working on a sequel and that Universal was considering moving on without its main star. When asked about the Wiig report, Apatow said nothing has been decided.

“The dust hasn’t settled for us to even take a break and think about the characters and the world and to post-mortem the entire situation,” he said in response to a question from AccessHollywood.com. “So, I think, everyone’s opinion could change by the day. But, what’s wonderful about everyone involved in the project, is they really want to do good work and they don’t think moving forward just because everyone can get a raise is a reason to make a movie, is very healthy.”

Regardless of sequels, the nominations for the 2012 Oscars are coming up and Apatow would enjoy seeing anyone from the film – including Wiig – receive a nomination.

“Absolutely,” he told Access, when asked if he’d like to see her receive a Best Actress nom. “I think it’s very easy to underestimate how brilliant and complicated that performance is. People tend to reward negative emotions – a lot of crying and pain – but people who can create a three dimensional character, but be hilarious and delightful, you also feel for them. It’s a rare talent. So it would be amazing for Kristen, for Melissa, for the writing — anything would be pleasant.”

Beyond talk of “Bridesmaids,” Apatow was at the TCAs on Friday to promote his new comedy, “Girls,” which stars Lena Dunham and features Allison Williams, daughter of NBC “Nightly News” host Brian Williams.

“When you’re shooting the show and Brian Williams is on the set, it’s hard to describe because you know that not only is he a caring father, but he also helps inform us as to what’s happening in the world,” Apatow said. “He’s just a great man and he’s hilarious and I just love him and his daughter is ridiculously talented.”

And Apatow wouldn’t mind if the proud dad gave them a little push on TV.

“I hope he mentions it on the news, just throws in a plug,” Apatow said.

“Girls” debuts on HBO in April 2012.

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