Kate Gosselin Talks Facelift Rumors & If She’d Ever Do More TV With Jon Again

Kate Gosselin continues to brush off rumors of going under the knife recently – and the former reality TV mom said she can’t understand the public fascination with her appearance.

“I have no idea. Slow news day?” she laughed, when asked by Billy Bush and Kit Hoover why she remains tabloid fodder on Tuesday’s Access Hollywood Live. “Honestly, I feel like it should go away and the rumors just keep getting more and more ridiculous. I’m busy raising my kids and working and I honestly laughed at the facelift thing because I don’t know any 36 year olds who have had a facelifts – or need one.”

As for why some are suggesting her appearance has changed, Kate said it could be due to her new fitness regimen.

“I’m running a marathon on Sunday – I’m running a lot of miles. Obviously your body is going to change and you lose a lot of weight. I’m guessing that’s what people are noticing,” Kate said. “My hair was parted differently? Different makeup artist that day?

“I mean, honestly – I’m 36! No, I have not had a facelift,” she continued. “People have too much time on their hands.”

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When it comes to her time in front of the cameras with her family, Kate – whose new gig is as a blogger for CouponCabin.com — said she does miss certain aspects (and perks) from her reality TV tenure.

“We all miss the adventures and the trips and the benefits. There’s definitely something missing in our lives and we miss the people that were behind the cameras,” she said of herself and her kids. “From a mom aspect, I miss being able to show my kids the world and do all of those adventures and I think that I miss the most convenient job in the whole wide world – to get paid when someone’s coming in recording your home videos is still a dream come true and it worked that way.”

But would Kate – who admitted she wants to “further my career in TV” – ever step back in front of the cameras for a large payday if it meant her ex-husband, Jon, would be a part of the deal as well?

“You could offer me every last dollar on the planet. I don’t work for money. Jon lives his own life now and I have a lot of peace in my life for me and the kids so I’d have to say no, I cannot compromise my morals and standards to get paid a ridiculous amount of money,” Kate explained. “I don’t feel like it’s healthy or beneficial for my kids to watch so there’s no point.

“I’ll never film another frame of TV with Jon again,” she concluded.

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