Kate Walsh Talks Fishy Fashion On Access Hollywood Live

Kate Walsh rocked “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in head-to-toe sushi last week — complete with a salmon cuff bracelet and prawn-peekaboo Louboutin shoes — and the “Private Practice” star stopped by Access Hollywood Live to discuss the deeper meaning behind her fishy ensemble.

“Oceana is one of my charities, and Oceana’s saving the world’s oceans,” Kate told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Wednesday. “I wore [the sushi dress] to promote… sustainable seafood.”

Kate’s “arduously crafted” seafood ensemble (note: it was made of plastic sushi) was inspired by Lady Gaga’s headline-grabbing raw meat (note: real meat) 2010 MTV VMA ensemble. The actress said she received flack from the pop star’s “little monsters” after she posted her initial thoughts on the meaty dress on Twitter.

“My first thought was ‘A nice plate of prosciutto with melon,’ and that was not the right answer,” she laughed. “The monsters came after me. And I happen to be a huge Lady Gaga fan, but it really was like, ‘Wow, the wrath of the monsters!’”

“Then I thought — I was shooting in Vegas, and I was like ‘Oh, what if I do a sushi dress, do a shout-out to Oceana?’” Kate continued.

The ravishing redhead said she initially planned to sport feline accompaniment during her “Tonight Show” entrance, but the bit was canceled after the cats came down with stage fright.

“I was supposed to come out on Leno with a posse of cats on leashes, but the cats freaked out with the music,” Kate said. “So then it was me, and you’re like ‘Is this working? Or am I just the crazy weird…’” she trailed off while laughing. “I got a call — my agent was like, ‘Saw the sushi dress… OK…’”

Kate also revealed her Achilles’ heel to Billy and Kit: salt and pepper potato chips.

“Literally, a day does not go by without me eating some,” she told Billy and Kit, while munching on a chip, and sipping coffee.

“It’s actually not far off that I would have a cup of coffee and a potato chip – that’s how disgusting I am,” she joked.

“In the morning you’ll have chips and coffee? I love that!” Billy smiled.

“You know when you’re on set, there’s craft services,” Kate explained. “You’re like, ‘You know what? I’ll have half a donut, a potato chip, and some coffee.’”

Kate’s sushi dress was given away in a sweepstakes to raise awareness for Oceana, and the winner was announced on Access Hollywood Live! Click HERE to see who won.

Catch Kate on the Season 4 premiere of “Private Practice” when it airs on Thursday, September 23, at 10 PM on ABC.

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