Katy Perry Talks Russell Brand’s Love & Support, Her Summer Smash

Katy Perry has a new hit on her hands – summer anthem, “California Gurls” — and a wedding to plan and the singer opened up about both in a new interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

First things first though – the see-through dress she wore when to last Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards

“The dress. It’s a bit see-through, no?” Billy asked

“Yeah, of course,” she laughed. “I was channeling Britney Spears when she did that like, see-through sparkly number in her music video.

“It basically had sparkles covering all the right areas,” Katy added, referring to Britney’s “Toxic” video.

“How does Russell feel about you wearing a see-through dress? Does he get jealous at all?” Billy asked.

“Well, if you know anything about Russell, he doesn’t wear a whole lot of clothing either. We’re just crazy enough for the both of us,” Katy said.

In fact, Katy’s nine-month relationship with fiance Russell Brand, nearly 10-years her senior, has the singer seeing life through rose-colored glasses.

“Have you always had confidence over your body and body image?” Billy asked.

“It’s weird, you know, when you fall in love and have someone that really kind of supports you, you stop really worrying about like, all this makeup you have to wear or what everybody thinks about you ‘cause the person that you love, loves you back,” Katy said.

Spoken like a mature 25-year-old, it’s hard to believe the Santa Barbara, Calif., native is around the same age as Lindsay Lohan.

“25-years-old… How do you – when I was 25, I was an idiot,” Billy began.

“I have my idiotic moments too,” Katy interrupted with a smile. “I take it one day at a time and I have a really good support system. I have a good team. I don’t end up wasted, with my face down in alleyways. I kind of like, steer the ship pretty good so that I don’t hit any icebergs.”

“Do you drink at all?” Billy asked.

“I drink when like, it’s vacation time,” Katy smiled.

Speaking of vacation, Katy’s bonafide summer smash, “California Gurls,” off the upcoming album, “Teenage Drama,” is at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts and the Candy Land-themed video premieres globally on MTV June 15.

“You could not expect it to do any better,” Billy said.

“I didn’t really expect it to be, you know, the first day we put it out to be No. 1 on iTunes,” Katy said. “It’s been amazing to see, like people really kind of adopt it as like, their summer fun song.”

“Did you think of it? Did you want it as an anthem for LA?” Billy asked.

“Yeah,” she replied. “I heard [Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s] ‘Empire State of Mind’ and I love that song. There’s been, you know, ‘California Love’ and there’s been ‘California Girls’ by the Beach Boys, which is probably one of my favorites and I just thought, how perfect to kind of take that idea and give it my spin.”

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