Kelly Clarkson Accepts ASCAP Award In Hollywood

“I was very happy, says Kelly. “And it’s just surprising how much people love that song. It’s just flooring, because I wrote it at such a young age. I didn’t think, especially when I was 16, that people were gonna grasp on to that or it was ever going to be heard by anyone other then myself.”

Kelly’s new album, “My December,” is on its way, and she notes that it might take fans to a darker place than they’re used to from her:

“They want ‘happy Kelly,’ and I’m a very happy person, but I’m a real person. It’s reality — I’m gonna show people the good times and bad times. The whole CD isn’t negative, it’s more of a story… and some of the story is kind of intense.”

Kelly is excited about the accompanying “My December” tour. “I love touring, so we’re gonna start up in July I believe and, this will be my biggest tour,” she reveals. “This will be the biggest one production-wise. I have so many ideas, that we’re kind of making each song it’s own little thing. That way it’s this kind of ongoing show that’s really cool.”

And with all of the prep she’s doing (and awards she’s winning), has she had time to catch up on “American Idol?”

“We TiVo it at my house,” she says. “I love the fact that ‘American Idol’ is so popular. Everybody always thinks I try and separate myself [from it]. I’m not at all — I love very much where I came from.”

And while she hasn’t had a chance to see it herself, she definitely has an opinion on Simon Cowell’s “eye-rolling” incident:

“[Simon’s] not like that. I mean, he’s a butt, but he’s not a jerk, you know. He would never do that. People try to create controversy. We need something to talk about over coffee the next morning.”

“He’s a tough judge, but he’s not evil,” she remarks. “He’s not that guy.”

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