Kelly Clarkson On Her New CD & Her Favorite ‘Idol’ Finalist

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (April 18, 2007) — Kelly Clarkson spoke with Shaun Robinson from the set of her new video, “Never Again,” opening up about her new album, a past love, and her new love for a certain “American Idol” finalist.

Kelly reveals that the new song isn’t actually that new. “I wrote the song two years ago, and it’s the first single from my new album ‘My December,’” she says, adding, “It’s probably the most bitter song I’ve ever written.”

She admits that it’s a classic breakup song about a real-life boyfriend she had, but insists it’s not meant to be hurtful:

“I wrote this song like in 15 minutes. The [emotions] just came pouring out. But it’s not meant to be spiteful or anything. Everyone goes through this kind of situation, and you just want a song you can get in your car and be like, ‘Ahhh’ to.”

Kelly explains that the song is the beginning of a story that runs through the whole album, noting that it might take fans to a darker place than they’re used to from her:

“They want ‘happy Kelly,’ and I’m a very happy person, but I’m a real person. It’s reality — I’m gonna show people the good times and bad times. The whole CD isn’t negative, it’s more of a story… and some of the story is kind of intense.”

And while Kelly looks ahead to the next stage in her musical career, she doesn’t turn her back on the thing that started it all. “I love the fact that ‘American Idol’ is so popular,” she says. “Everybody always thinks I try and separate myself [from it]. I’m not at all — I love very much where I came from.”

And she’s happy to be going back to the ?Idol? stage for the upcoming “Idol Gives Back” special, which is in support of children in need in Africa. “They’re focusing in on something that is so great,” she says. “Of any charity, I think it’s always great when something that big like [’Idol’] turns the focus for a bit.”

But is Kelly too busy to actually watch the show these days? “Oh Lord, no,” she admits. “We TiVo it at my house.”

When asked to reveal who her favorite finalist is, Kelly begins by ominously saying, “I got to be honest with you…”

After admitting that she thinks Jordin Sparks is the best vocally, she gets to the fact of the matter:

“My other favorite is Sanjaya, I’m sorry. It’s fun to watch him. Every week you’re like, what is this guy going to do? And you’re kind of embarrassed but at the same time you’re just like, that’s just comedy. It’s funny.”

And if he wins? “I think a lot of people would go see him tour just so see him on stage,” she says. “He is a goober. I don’t even understand it.”

Says Kelly, “I can?t wait to meet him when we go do the show.”

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