Kelsey Grammer Walks Out On Piers Morgan

Kelsey Grammer bolted before a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan – and according to the talk show host – all because a photo of his ex-wife was shown.

The “Boss” star allegedly left the set of “Piers Morgan Tonight” when he saw a photo of ex-wife and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Camille Grammer.

“Kelsey Grammer was supposed to be on my show now but ran out of the building. Strange,” Piers Tweeted on Wednesday night.

“So, Kelsey Grammer saw a photo of his ex-wife Camille in the open to our show and legged it. Extraordinary. Never had this happen before,” he continued in a series of Tweets. “I had a very friendly chat with Kelsey backstage, He said he was really looking forward to the interview. Weird… I like Kelsey Grammer personally, but this was a shockingly unprofessional thing to do. I wasn’t even going to mention his ex-wife!”

A rep for Kelsey told The Hollywood Reporter, “Piers needs to take responsibility for what he did to Kelsey. It’s called accountability.”

Despite losing his guest, Piers kept his sense of humor about the situation while bantering with fellow Brit Simon Cowell on Twitter.

“I know how he feels,” Simon Cowell Tweeted to Piers.

“I suspect Kelsey was watching X Factor in the green room and suddenly felt nauseous,” Piers wrote back.

On Thursday morning, Piers Tweeted, “Anyone found Kelsey Grammer yet?” and “I’ll be on @jimmyfallon tonight - and relax Jimmy, unlike my guest Mr Grammer last night, I won’t run away.”

-- Jesse Spero

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