Kirstie Alley Gives ‘Dancing’ Advice For Melissa Gilbert; Talks Dating & Lindsay Lohan

Kirstie Alley has warned her pal Melissa Gilbert that the “Little House on the Prairie” star is in for a real ride with Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Season 14 of “Dancing with the Stars.”

“In my opinion, he’s probably the best teacher, but he’s really hardcore,” Kirstie told Access Hollywood correspondent Jill Martin as the actress promoted her new gig as spokesperson for Poise.

“I always said this to Maks, ‘Here’s this wall!’ and his job is to push me through it, I just didn’t know how hard it was gonna [be]. It’s like ‘Boom!’” she laughed “But you sort of need that, especially from the like the middle [of the season] on, you really need someone to really be pushing you through. I don’t know about these other girls, but you’re going way beyond what you probably have ever accomplished.”

Kirstie has kept the weight she lost dancing with Maks off by using her own weight loss program and by dancing every day and she’s got her next step in life on the brain – a relationship.

In her new commercial for Poise, she even makes a request for a hot man, so Jill probed the star on what kind of guy she’d like.

“Physically, I probably like guys that are pretty tall. I’ve never been with anyone who wasn’t handsome. I’m looking into ugly men because I’m thinking maybe they’ve got something going for them just besides the facade,” she laughed.

“I like artists, I like funny, interesting… They have to be really funny. … like Seinfeld would be good for me if he wasn’t married,” she laughed.

“How about Ron Perlman — is he married?” Kirstie asked.

“Married,” Jill replied.

“He’s out,” Kirstie laughed. “People try to set me up all the time, but I’m not good at it.”

One thing the star is good at is making people laugh, but in her new gig for Poise, she found out she’s not as funny as she thinks.

“When I was around my friends, before I knew anything about this, and we start laughing really hard and they go, ‘Oh my God! You just made me pee!’ I just thought it was because it was funny,” she said, referring to light bladder leakage (LBL), which Kirstie herself said she does not have.

“It needs to be de-stigmatized,” she said of LBL. “People shouldn’t be embarrassed about it; they should know they’re not alone.”

The candid actress, who has been open about her pre-fame past that included drug use, also shared her thoughts on Lindsay Lohan, who recently sat down with Matt Lauer and told him she is a changed woman.

“I was way into drugs when I was her age, and basically, if you don’t die doing them, you just screw up your life sort of royally… I screwed up my life royally, thank God before I was in a public eye or I was an actor, but… there is really no goodness from it. It doesn’t do anything to further your career, it doesn’t do anything to further your life… So my encouragement [to Lindsay], if she’s clean and that’s the way she’s living her life, to just look at, just to observe the good things, and a lot of them are little things.”

Kirstie also praised Lindsay’s abilities.

“Lindsay’s very talented, she’s a smart girl, I think she’s a good girl,” Kirstie told Jill. “She had a lot of pressure on her from being a child actress and [the] transition [to adulthood] and she just needs to put that in her past and just move forward because she is talented, she could have a great career.”

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