Larry Birkhead On How Guilt Keeps Him From Dating & His Evolving Parenting Style

All week long, Access Hollywood has looked into the lives of Anna Nicole Smith’s 6-year-old daughter, Dannielynn and her dad, Larry Birkhead,

Throughout the week, it has been evident that Larry’s priority is taking care of Dannielynn, while keeping Anna Nicole’s memory alive, but as a single dad — does he have time for a love life? Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle found out.

“Do you date? Do you meet people here?” Michelle asked. “Is it too small a town?”

“Actually, this would probably be the best place,” Larry said, referring to the family’s roots in Louisville, Ky. “But, the thing is, that I get that small little window during the day when I drop her off from school and I pick her up [to myself].

“[Then], I’m here doing the homework, I’m here getting ready for the next day,” Larry said of his single-parent responsibilities. “If I bump into a girl at Starbucks or something or Toys ‘R Us, that’s my social circle.”

Larry said part of his dating concerns have to do with guilt.

“I feel like, guilty that Anna can’t be here and that Danielynn might call someone else mom,” he said, speaking honestly. “And that is kind of hard for me to think about.”

For now, Dannielynn remains the lone lady in Larry’s life, but that’s not to say she isn’t open to the idea of seeing her dad get involved with someone.

“She wants to marry me off, so she sees these girls on TV and she says, ‘What about this girl? What about that girl?’” Larry said of his bright little girl’s encouragement for daddy.

“She’s talked about Lady Gaga, Britney Spears,” he said

“What’s the deal with Lady Gaga?” Michelle asked.

“Just this thing with Lady Gaga. She thinks that should be the girl for me,” he said.

Larry said he’s already been a part of the life of an iconic blonde – Dannielynn’s mom.

“I’m like, ‘Come on now!’ I said. ‘I’ve done Gaga already with your mom. That was pretty Gaga for me,’ so we’ll see,” Larry told Michelle.

Dannielynn is the apple of Larry’s eye, and Michelle asked him about his parenting style.

“I would imagine every single parent has to deal with the idea that — not that it’s anyone’s fault — but that she will be spoiled,” Michelle said. “You’re the only person here to give her attention. Do you think about it at all?”

“I used to buy anything and everything that she wanted, but I’ve learned that I was trying to overcompensate for the fact that she doesn’t have her mom,” Larry said of his parenting struggles. “But, I have learned to scale it back. You always hear these crazy stories about girls who go off and get wild and crazy because they didn’t have their daddy’s attention and love, so maybe — in that department — she will be better for that.”

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