Lena Headey On Embracing ‘The Crazy’ & The Cersei-Tyrion Arc In Season 2 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Production on the Belfast set of “Game of Thrones” Season 2 is rapidly coming to a close, and Lena Headey said big things are in store for her character, the controversial Queen Cersei Lannister.

“She is losing control because her son is totally out of control,” Lena told Access Hollywood on Saturday at the Scream Awards, referring to Cersei’s son, Joffrey, who is now king following the death of his father, Robert Baratheon, in Season 1 of the HBO show.

“I think she can’t admit it to anybody,” the actress continued, referring to Cersei’s upcoming Season 2 predicament. “She’s dying to ask for help, and she never will.”

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After a brief trip to Los Angeles for the Scream Awards, where “Game of Thrones” was honored as Best Show, Lena is already on her way back to Belfast to wrap things up.

“We’re on our last few episodes,” she said of progress on Season 2. “Joffrey is becoming more trouble.”

It’s the young actor Jack Gleason who plays King Joffrey, a character, who like his mother – Cersei – is polarizing – but central to the thrilling drama.

“Jack Gleason is adorable, and just so good at being a little sh**,” she laughed, complimenting her co-star. “He’s so good at being terrible.”

With Sean Bean’s Ned Stark out of the picture, following his execution at the hands of the new teen king, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) is headed back to King’s Landing in Season 2, having just been appointed the Hand of the King.

The move, of course, will put “The Imp” right in Cersei’s path, material Lena has sunk her teeth into.

“This season there’s a big arc with Cersei and Tyrion’s relationship, which is really interesting, because it’s love/hate there, totally,” she told Access. “It’s been really fun filming all those scenes, and there’s just a lot more drama this year.”

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While one of Cersei’s brothers is in King’s Landing, the other – her twin and lover — Jamie Lannister, is now in the hands of The Starks and Lena said that does funny things to her character.

“There is a slightly incestuous relationship, which is very wrong, but it’s the way she was brought up. She’s a little crazy under the…surface,” Lena said. “Second season, I’m getting to explore that a bit more, which is good, because I like the crazy.”

Season 2 of “Game of Thrones” returns to HBO in 2012.

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