Life After ‘Idol:’ Finalists Visit Access Hollywood

In that regard, it looks like LaKisha stands alone, because plenty of girls are clamoring for smooches from Sanjaya.

“It’s very awkward sometimes though because you’re walking down the street and someone will be like, ‘Hey Sanjaya! How you doing?’ and I’m just like ‘Hi,’” he told Shaun.

“It’s weird because I thought Sanjaya was the most non-popular person on the show,” Chris Richardson joked, getting a big laugh from the rest of the group.

But no doubt, with his luscious locks Sanjaya was the stand out of this “Idol” season – even if it wasn’t for typical reasons.

But how did all of the controversy impact the musical Malakar?

“I was just focusing on what I had to do each week because that’s what you have to do,” he told Shaun. “You can’t get distracted by that stuff.”

So did his fellow contestants feel all of the attention helped Sanjaya stick around a little longer than he would have otherwise?

“I think the press certainly helped Sanjaya get votes, but I also think he deserved it,” Phil Stacey said.

“He stuck through it too,” Chris Richardson added. “Especially being his age and having so many people just coming down on him, he still would come in with a smile every single day.”

But in a bizarre twist, “Idol’s” most talked about commodity might not even be who he says he is!

In a popular video on YouTube last week, Sanjaya claims his name is Bill Vendall, a 25-year-old grad student who’s been playing the role of “Sanjaya” as an art project.

Shaun asked Sanjaya about the video.

“Okay, you wanna explain that?” Shaun asked him.

“I was having fun and then people believed that I was actually Bill Vendall,” he laughed. “I’m not Bill Vendall!”

As it turns out, the bizarre hoax was actually commissioned by Will Ferrell for his Web site

Ok, all gags aside – it’s time to talk business as the “Idols” are gearing up for their big summer tour.

“It’s gonna rock,” Richardson said.

“Now the pressure is off – we’re not competing for anything anymore,” LaKisha noted.

No pressure? and no judges.

So who do the “Idols” think received the worst slam from the always candid Simon Cowell?

“Haley,” Chris Sligh quickly answered, drawing a laugh from Scarnato. “It was when he was like, ‘I can’t even remember your name.’”

But apparently Haley isn’t the only one who Simon couldn’t remember.

“Don’t take it too hard,” Phil Stacey added. “He came up to me at the finale and said, ‘Chris, how have you been doing?’”

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