Lindsay Lohan & Perez Hilton Feud Over Twitter

Lindsay Lohan has taken to her Twitter to blast gossip blogger Perez Hilton a day after the blogger goaded her about her 16-year-old sister.

“Don’t you have more important things to do? You know, like being a good influence on Ali and taking her out to pAArty?!” he Tweeted at her early on Saturday morning.

On Saturday night, she Tweeted, “Humpty Dumpty fell of a wall, no WAIT… it’s @perezhilton !,” linking to a Twitpic of the nursery rhyme character.

Perez responded, Tweeting, “Game on!” and linking to a number of past stories of the actress’ ups and downs over the last few years.

Lindsay responded by Tweeting links to unflattering photos of Hilton during his heavier days.

“the diary of…. a TRUE mean girl (yet, i coined that title),” she Tweeted, linking to a photo of a more robust Perez in a pink wig.

“some that are as far under as he is, choose not to recognize when enough is enough… DENIAL and INSECURITY should be his blog,” she Tweeted later. “it’s just a way of entertaining myself.. i’m home and with friends.. it’s funny, THIS IS HIS LIFE!-how sad?”

Perez has been an outspoken critic of LiLo in recent weeks on both Twitter and his blog.

“I genuinely wish her well,” he recently told Access Hollywood. “I have taken to a public forum to express my desire for her to get better… Lindsay needs help.”

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