Lindsay Lohan’s Alleged December Scuffle With Betty Ford Worker Captured On 911 Call As Tape Is Released

Authorities may have decided earlier this week not to charge Lindsay Lohan over an alleged December 12, 2010 altercation with a then Betty Ford Center worker Dawn Holland, but now she’s facing judgment by the court of public opinion as the 911 call of the incident has just been released.

Access Hollywood has obtained the 911 call made after Lohan and her acquaintances at a Betty Ford-related sober house allegedly came home late and Lohan reportedly refused to be Breathalyzed.

Click HERE to listen to the call.

In the nearly six-minute call, a woman, who appears to be Lohan, can be heard arguing with Holland, the former Betty Ford chemical dependency tech.

“I’m really uncomfortable with the woman that’s in our house. I’ve never seen her before and she’s freaking me out,” the woman, who appears to be Lohan, says as the call to 911 begins.

The woman then tells the Sheriff’s Department 911 operator, the other woman, not yet identified as Holland, will speak to him.

“Hello?” Holland says. “Officer, I’m definitely willing to speak with you as long as she gets off the phone so that we can talk…”

At that point, a scuffle seems to occur during the call. The phone appears to be held by no one at that instance, and Holland addresses the woman who appears to be Lohan.

“Pack your sh**. Lindsay, you need to pack your sh**,” Holland can be heard saying in the background. “…Now I’m getting ready to file charges on you. Get ready to be sued.”

“What do you want? Money?” the woman, who appears to be Lohan, replies.

“No, what I want is to be treated the way I am treating you,” Holland replies.

Another scuffle of some sort can then be heard on the tape, before Holland can once again be heard addressing someone else, apparently about Lohan.

“I am done with her. She hit me with the phone, she called the Sheriff, I’m trying to talk to the Sheriff. He asked to speak with me and I agreed to do so as long as she stops barking in the middle of our conversation,” Holland can he heard saying. “She tried to snatch the phone from me [and] hit me with the other phone that she had.”

After a short period where no one addresses the 911 operator, Holland finally gets back on the phone and gives her version of events, claiming Lohan refused to be Breathlyzed. She added that Lohan called her mother, Dina Lohan, after she returned from being out late, and reportedly jumped a wall to get back into the sober house.

“The third party, which is Lindsay Lohan, is being rude,” Holland told the 911 operator. “She’s gotten on her phone with her mom and she’s telling her mom I’m being rude to her, which I’m not, I’m just asking her to come into the living room to Breathalyze.”

“I have a problem because Lindsay Lohan pushed me and hit me with the phone while I was trying to talk to you,” Holland adds.

“So you want to file charges against her?” the operator asks.

“Yes, I think I do,” Holland replies.

Holland then informs the operator that a Sheriff’s department officer has arrived on the scene and the call ends.

As previously reported on, shortly after the incident, Holland spoke to the media and was subsequently dismissed from her position with Betty Ford. While she initially announced plans to sue Lohan, she later chose not to seek legal recourse over the incident.

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