Live Blogging The American Music Awards

8 PM -- And that’s a wrap! What a great night! See you at the Grammys!

7:56 PM — I just watched three sets of parents cover their kids eyes when Adam Lambert began his performance! Wow! I don’t even know if I can repeat in writing what just happened on stage. It involved crotch-sniffing … (OK, I said it), male slaves, and open mouth same-sex kissing. You will either love it or hate it, but EVERYONE is going to be talking about it! A new rock star has been christened tonight! OMG. I might need therapy after that.

7:54 PM -- Yep! As I said… Taylor Swift can’t lose! She wins Artist of the Year over Michael Jackson! But then gives the most humble and gracious speech. You can’t help but adore her!

7:46 PM — They are saving the final performance spot of the night for Adam Lambert. That’s unheard of… for an “Idol” runner-up! Totally his coming out party. Can’t wait to see what he does!

7:41 PM — Green Day sounds even better live than recorded. These guys rock! I can’t wait to see the “American Idiot” musical on Broadway!

7:31 PM — I think Timbaland’s trying to take advantage of the whole vampire thing. It’s awkward. Not even Nelly Furtado can save this hot mess of a performance.

7:27 PM — Eminem and 50 Cent are letting us all have it on “Crack a Bottle.”

Meanwhile, Whitney Houston has reportedly slipped out a side door and left the building.

7:17 PM — I like Alicia Keys’ new song but this live performance is not her strongest. Wish she had done “Doesn’t Mean Anything.” Oooh, but now she’s floating on a piano - kinda cool!

7:15 PM -- Jermaine’s back, sans Jermajesty this time. I’m Team Jermajesty!

7:12 PM -- Remember that show “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose?” Taylor Swift can’t lose! Good luck, anyone, beating her in any category… ever… for the rest of time!

7:05 PM — When I die and I’m heading to the light, I imagine it will look & sound something like Whitney Houston’s performance just now! I am such a fan at heart. Wow! I have died and gone to diva heaven! I LOVE WHITNEY!

6:53 PM - J.Lo … I like the new song, but I’m not sure about the performance - jury’s out. She took a minor spill on stage. But I’m rooting for folks to like this performance. J.Lo deserves a big comeback!

6:45 PM -- When Gloriana wins the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist award over Gaga, everyone is looking around like, “huh?!” (Never underestimate the Taylor Swift affect, apparently!)

6:40 PM -- The queen — Ms. Mary J. Blige, a voice from heaven. Love her new song “I Am.”

6:32 PM -- People are in AWE of Gaga. She is performing on a burning piano! And she’s breaking glass bottles on it! That must hurt to play on after. I wonder if Glambert can out Gaga Gaga?!

6:30 PM — Lady Gaga has recreated her “Bad Romance” video on stage. Insanely good!

6:25 PM — Carrie Underwood rockin’ “Cowboy Casanova.”

6:15 PM — Rihanna is singing upside down!

6:14 PM -- Thank goodness Beyonce won. I’d hate it if Kanye jumped up and dissed Keri or Keyshia (although they are both great too!).

6:13 PM — Keith Urban wins his first AMA. Gushes over Nicole Kidman. That Sunday Rose sure is a cutie!

6:06 PM -- Michael Jackson wins his 22nd AMA! “This Is It” star Orianthi hands award to Jermaine Jackson. Jermajesty is on stage with him. Best… Hollywood… kid name… EVER!

6 PM -- Fergalicious! Everyone’s on their feet for the Black Eyed Peas! They close “Boom Boom Pow” with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit!”

5:59 PM -- Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson introduce their “Nine” cast mate Fergie!

5:51 PM — I wonder why the AMAs only have 3 nominees in each category? It does make things move more quickly though! The AMAs are based on record sales though. So don’t be surprised when Taylor Swift cleans up!

5:49 PM -- “City that never sleeps gonna slip you an ambien.” Jay-Z and Alicia! Wow! Wow! Wow! So great!

5:44 PM — A-Rod introduces Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. The New Yorker in me is feeling very proud!

5:43 PM — Taylor Swift is up at 2 AM in London accepting live remotely.

5:42 PM - Joe Perry is snarling! Snoop Dogg makes a joke about getting high.

5:38 PM — They’re showing great vintage AMA clips to the audience during commercial breaks to keep folks in their seats. Just showed Prince doing “Purple Rain.” It’s keeping me in my seat, for sure!

5:33 PM -- Kelly Clarkson is pitch-perfect as always. Great hair and dress on her tonight. She’s singing “Halo” …. Oh, I mean “Already Gone”… (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

5:29 PM -- Sofia Vergara from “Modern Family” just had the whole audience laughing with her intro for Keith Urban. She called him a “Papicito muy rico!”

5:20 PM — Shakira is giving us step lessons and I think it’s the hottest number I’ve ever seen from her. Whenever, wherever… Shakira gets it done! There are girls stepping down the aisle and I’m seated on the aisle and there’s a jib 3 inches above my head.

5:17 PM — Daughtry performs. He’s very brooding.

5:15 PM -- Country music awards time. Rascal Flatts goes home with the group award.

5:10 PM — Paula introduces the first category - has mic problems but she looks great. First award of the night to the Black Eyed Peas! Fergie’s never looked better

5 PM — In my seats. Amazing — it’s JAAANNNNNET!!!!!

4:52 PM — Jermaine Jackson is here. Last on the carpet!

4:51 PM -- Leona Lewis opts for all black tonight. She’s adorable and very tall in person! She’s also rockin’ some black spiky heels which could strike fear in the hearts of the weak!

4:49 PM — Snoop!!!!! The crowd goes wild for the doggie dizzle.

4:47 PM — Pete Wentz. He’s funny.

4:45 PM -- Alicia Keys. Wow! I get star-stuck every time I see her. What a class act!!!! Her dress is amazing! Blue and purple covered in glass and sequins!

4:43 PM — Random appearance of the night — Val Kilmer in a cowboy hat.

4:42 PM — Carrie Underwood is stunning. And so, so sweet. In a champagne colored dress — same as Shaun. It’s the color of the night.

4:41 PM — Alex Meraz from “New Moon” — time for box office reax!

4:39 PM — 50 Cent shouts over to Ne-Yo, “You hot right now, man! You hot!”

4:28 PM — On the red carpet with Shaun Robinson and everyone’s starting to pour in. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban just went by. Shaun’s talking with Ne-Yo. Up behind him is Daughtry.

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