‘Lost’ & Found: The Real Supercouple (October 12, 2006)

The ending of “The Glass Ballerina” was so powerful I almost couldn’t believe it. Finally Lost creators were blowing away those on-going theories that the island is nothing but the afterlife or that these crash survivors were just hanging out in purgatory.

The good doc was told by the devilish Ben that if he obeyed the rules he could return back to the States. Jack’s laugh responding to Ben’s admission that the Boston Red Sox had won the World Series was perfect. Matthew Fox must have loved that script. In the last two episodes he has delivered some of his all-time best work.

Now on to the super couple - no not Kate and Sawyer even though that strawberry flavored kiss was extremely hot. I’m actually talking about Sun and Jin. Jin’s revelation (he knew his wife was unfaithful) was an example of what makes Sun/Jin stand out from all the others. No other back-story on the show intrigues me more than theirs. They are the most captivating.

Maybe it’s their ability to tell their complicated, heartbreaking story through their eyes (Lord knows I don’t speak Korean) but whatever it is I always come to work the next day satisfied. My colleague Nick mentioned Sun shooting Colleen in the belly was one of the show’s great moments. I agree. I also have a theory about Jae’s dramatic exit. He lands on the hood of Jin’s car with the pearls in his hand. Could he have grabbed them off the neck of Sun after she pushed him off the balcony? Another colleague Steve disagrees. He reminds me that Sun’s father walked in before she took the pearls. It’s called a back-story Steve. We will learn more about Sun/Jae in the future. I’m sure of it. I know for a fact that an episode this season will reveal Sun has a bad side. Could she be a murderess?

Now next week they’re teasing the return of the monster. Am I the only one that is still convinced that the monster that tore the pilot out of the plane in the very first episode is not the now famous black smoke? Remember the trees that were falling down as the cast watched from the beach like King Kong was coming to take Kate away a la Jessica Lange? The show needs to explain this.

November 8th is the mid-season finale: just four more new episodes. They’ll be back in February with nonstop action. The creators hinted in USA Today that the show could end after five years. I actually would like to see that. Lost is unique. It’s fresh. It takes us where we’ve never gone before in television. It’s raised the bar so high that most shows can’t reach it. I don’t want it to weaken. I want it to end just as brilliantly as it began.

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