Madonna Talks Marriage & Dating Younger Men

Will Madonna wed again?

In two new interviews, the 53-year-old – who divorced British director Guy Richie three years ago – revealed she’s ready to open her heart once again.

“I could actually. Yes,” she said in an interview on BBC America’s “The Graham Norton Show,” airing on Saturday, when asked if she wanted to marry again.

She explained that the search for “Mr. Right” is daunting.

“Unfortunately we are raised on those fairytales and even if we are sophisticated, educated, intellectually evolved human beings we still, in the back of our mind, think that Mr. Right is going to come along and we are going to live happily ever after,” she continued. “In the front of our minds we keep getting reminded it’s not true and in the back of our minds we keep thinking it’s true so we keep getting disappointed. It’s a paradox – you want it, but if you have half a brain you know it doesn’t really exist.”

But is the singer’s current flame, 24-year-old French dancer Brahim Zaibat, the one?

Madonna opened up about her relationship and her recent penchant for dating younger men (prior to Brahim she dated Brazilian model Jesus Luz, also 24) in an interview with ABC’s “Nightline,” airing tonight.

“I didn’t choose to, you know, I didn’t, like, write down on a piece of paper, ‘I’m now going to have a relationship with a younger man,’” Madonna, who makes her feature directorial debut with the upcoming “W.E.,” said. “That’s just what happened. You see, that’s the romantic in me. I just met someone that I cared for, and this happened to be his age.”

And despite being a proud single mother – she’s mom to Lourdes, 15, Rocco, 11, David Banda and Mercy James, both 5 – Madonna wants someone to stand beside her.

“I don’t want to live my life on my own. I love being a mother. My children fill me up in many ways, and inspire me in many ways, but I need a partner in my life and I think most people feel that way,” she explained. “I’ve never really lived a conventional life, so I think it’s quite foolish for me or anyone else to start thinking that I am going to start making conventional choices.”

The singer also gave her fans a glimpse into what her dating life with Brahim is like.

“I go home and I wash my face and I put on my sweatpants and I lay down on the bed and I say, ‘Oh, please rub my feet,’ and you know, he says, ‘No, you rub my feet,’ so, you know, behind the curtain, I’m just like everybody else,” she added.

“W.E.” debuts in theaters on February 3.

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