Maria Lark’s Pirate Adventure With Orlando Bloom

“Medium’s” Maria Lark was on a very important mission yesterday as she set off for her appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Donned in a pirate costume, the charismatic young “Medium” actress prepared herself for a dream encounter with none other than her #1 crush, “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Orlando Bloom!

Maria could barely contain her excitement as she arrived at the studio:

“I think the reason why everyone thinks this is a big deal (including me), is that the Orlando Bloom is here, you know? He’s like — come on, people, he’s a hunk!”

She told Access her reasons for liking Orlando so much:

“He’s a dog lover and a hunk,” she gushed. “He’s awesome for me! It’s like I finally found the puzzle piece that goes with my puzzle, you know. It’s the puzzle piece that I’ve been looking for, for like 2 years!”

Maria knew in advance what she would say to Orlando when she met him. “Do you know who you are?” she planned on saying. “You are the Orlando Bloom!”

Her dream came true when she stepped out on stage and sat on the couch next to Orlando, but the red-faced girl was rendered speechless when he presented her with a kiss. When Leno asked the nine-year-old when she would be ready to date Orlando, she looked at Bloom and said, “TEN!”

Leno gave Maria a pillow with Orlando’s face on it. And even though she later told Access she already had one at home, she was thrilled nonetheless.

“Will I ever have sweet dreams tonight,” she joked.

As a capper to her whirlwind encounter with the man of her dreams, Orlando left Maria a note thanking her for a pirate-ship painting she made for him. She read the note aloud with glee:

“Thank you. I love my pirate ship. You’re the best, lots of love sweetheart. Orlando Bloom.”

When asked if her meeting with Bloom was everything she thought it would be, the quick-witted Maria replied:

“And more.”

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