Mark Ballas & Alexander Jean Bandmate BC Jean Engaged! How He Proposed! (Exclusive)

The music is a little sweeter these days for Mark Ballas. The "Dancing with the Stars" pro exclusively confirms to Access Hollywood that he and his longtime girlfriend and bandmate BC Jean are engaged!

The musician and “Dancing” pro proposed to his singer/songwriter love BC (who wrote Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy") late last year. Mark told Access Hollywood exclusively that his romantic proposal took inspiration from one of their Alexander Jean songs -- "Roses and Violets."

And he tells Access Hollywood exactly how  he planned it and what happened:

The day before Thanksgiving, Mark lined the driveway of the couple's Los Angeles home with roses and violets. Inside, the home, which is currently undergoing construction, was decorated in a Woodstock theme.

Mark Ballas and BC Jean in a portrait for their group Alexander Jean

Mark Ballas and BC Jean in a portrait for their group Alexander Jean (Nicholas Gilligan)

"The day before the proposal, I had the house literally turned into Woodstock," Mark told Access Hollywood on Thursday, revealing that their home was outfitted in vintage rugs and "posters of all her favorite bands everywhere."

Getting her to the house for the proposal, though, required a little fib he was able to concoct thanks to their home being under construction.

"Our manager for our group called and said, 'Look, there's been a bit of a thing at the house, you need to go confirm something. Mark can't get over there.' She said, 'Yeah, no problem,'" Mark continued.

In honor of their 2015 song "Roses and Violets," Mark said he lined their driveway with petals from the two flowers.

"Violets are out of season, so it took me forever to get 'em," he laughed. "So, she got there, and then when she came into the house and she opened the door, it was as if she was transported to '60s/'70s Woodstock."

Week after week, Mark is known for putting his nerves aside to tackle the ballroom on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," but when BC walked inside the house, he felt nervous.

"When she got in there I froze. … My heart was pounding. I was cool as a cucumber all day. I've been on stages my whole life, and when she walked in the room I thought, 'Whoa, here we go.' So we kind of just held each other for a minute, and then I did the [one-knee] drop, I popped the question, she said yes," he told Access exclusively. "Everything went to plan and the way the house was decorated – it was just absolutely incredible."

After she said yes, there was another emotional moment in store for the couple – friends and family were hiding upstairs to congratulate them and share in the happy day.

"After she said yes, I said, 'I have one more surprise for you,' and I yelled out down the hallway then all of a sudden, she heard a load of yells back and all our best friends [and] family -- they were all hiding upstairs in our bedroom and she had no idea," Mark said.

The cousin who was there on the night Mark met BC, her parents (and grandmother) and his folks were all present to celebrate. Mark noted a few loved ones were unable to attend due to schedules, but the day couldn't have been more memorable. 

"It was absolutely perfect." Mark said of the romantic proposal day.

The happy twosome are thinking about their wedding, but right now want to enjoy their engagement, and their upcoming Alexander Jean dates, including performances at Sundance and SXSW. Their single, "Roses and Violets," has been a success for the two of them. It went to No. 1 on the singer/songwriter chart and was used in "Duck Dynasty," and on "Dancing with the Stars," to a routine performed by Bindi Irwin (who won Season 21) and Derek Hough.

"We were honored," Mark said of "DWTS" using the Alexander Jean song. "We were surprised. We didn't ask them to use it, they just kind of came up and said, 'We'd love to use the song.' We said, 'Absolutely,'… and we cleared the master for them so it was really BC's voice, singing when they got to dance to it and then after that showing, it hit No. 1 on singer/songwriter [chart] and No. 6 on the pop chart and it charted in seven countries and it went to No. 1 in Australia on the singer-songwriter chart too.

"And even during the show, no one knew it was us… because it was just the master and it wasn't like we were talking about it and then slowly, people started to figure out that, 'Oh wow, this is BC Jean's voice and this is Mark and they're a duo now,' and it started to come out, so it was cooler," Mark continued. "The song did well because the song is good, not because of anything else other than that and then, when they found out who the song was by, it was just a bonus, you know what I mean? That was kind of the plan from the get-go. We didn't want to lean on or crutch off of anything else we've done in the past. We want the music to be about the music."

The newly-engaged pair plan to release an Alexander Jean EP on March 11, and it will include "Roses and Violets" as well as four additional original recordings, including the very first cut the two penned together – "Head High."

"One night I said to her, 'You know, we've never written a song –  why don't we, tonight, let's get a bottle of wine, we get some food, and light some candles, get a notebook and a pencil, no computers, no Pro Tools, no auto tune, no interfaces, no nothing, let's just do it the old school way, let's write a song for fun,'" Mark said.

That evening, the pair spent three or four hours working together, resulting in that tune, which they both decided needed to be recorded.

The following week, they recorded it and realized they'd found a little magic.

"When we listened back to it, inside, I'm thinking, ‘This sounds awesome,’ and I'm looking at her like, 'Is it awesome, or am I tripping?' And she looked at me, she's says, 'This is great.' And I  told her, 'We've got something here. Maybe the reason we haven't done all the stuff we wanted to do music-wise is because we're meant to be doing this together.'"

-- Jolie Lash

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