Matthew McConaughey Reveals What Made Him Lose It On His Wedding Day

Matthew McConaughey says he remained cool and calm in the days and hours before his wedding to Camila Alves, but the actor admitted to Access Hollywood that one moment on his wedding day had him swept away with emotion.

“I was not nervous leading up to it, because I was secure in what I was doing. I knew how I loved her…no regret. There was none of that. No, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’” the newly-married actor told Access Hollywood guest correspondent Julie Moran.

“I was way past that. But I got up there and I walked out and I was still just fine and then we had that long like 30, 40 second pause before she came out and started the wedding music and I remember leaning my head back and sort of just thinking and praying… I had gone through 42 years of my life and things when you were a child and looking forward to getting married one day and everything and then I went through 29 years of her life… and it hit me that… here’s this woman that was once a young girl and this is every girl’s dream to find their prince and find their king and to have that fairytale that a young girl has and then grows into a woman, and then it hit me I went, ‘And I’m that man,’” the actor recalled.

And when the star laid eyes on his bride, he was overcome.

“As soon my head came down the music cued and she walked in and I lost it,” the 42-year-old actor and newly-married father of two revealed. “It was wonderful and I’ll never forget that moment.”

As far as the wedding’s unique accommodations at the couple’s Austin, Texas ranch, Matthew credits his ladylove for the idea.

“Camila said, ‘Let’s build a village. Let’s bring our love to us, our friends and family her for 72 hours,’” he said of the couple’s wedding weekend, which had guest staying in luxury tents. “And it really was a great idea because it kept everyone there and no one left campus and went back to the hotel, checked back in with the real world… everyone was there together and they had experienced the whole thing together.”

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