Matthew Morrison Dishes On His 'The Good Wife' Role

"Glee" alum Matthew Morrison joins "The Good Wife" on Sunday night, as a U.S. Attorney hoping to take down Governor Peter Florrick. 

"[He's] completely morally sound and he will do anything to uphold the law," Matthew told Access Hollywood of his new character, Conor Fox. "And he's someone who would never just do anything bad or cover up anything. He's a Boy Scout, I would say." 

As Conor assembles a Grand Jury, he'll cross paths and spar with Peter Florrick's Chief of Staff, Eli Gold (Alan Cumming), on a regular basis. 

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"Honestly, that's who most of my scenes are with, so me and Eli are at it," Matthew said, with a laugh.

"He kind of comes at me pretty hard and I think Conor Fox is kind of unshakeable. This guy's been through it before. He's not easily intimidated by anyone and Eli Gold is no exception," Matthew added.

Conor can't try to take down the Governor without interacting with his wife, Alicia. Just don't expect the Conor/Alicia Florrick (series star Julianna Margulies) interactions to be harmonious. 

"I think he has respect for her," Matthew said when Access asked what Conor thinks of Alicia. "Unfortunately, he's put in a bad position because he has to kind of mess with her family, but I think he does have some respect for Alicia, because I think she's someone who kind of has the same ideals as [he does]." 

A longtime fan of "The Good Wife," Matthew told Access that on occasion, he has to remind himself not to call his co-star by her character's name. 

"I'm a huge fan of the show," he said. "I have to bite my tongue to not call her Alicia when were not filming. I'm like, 'Her name's Julianna, Julianna, Julianna,' because she's still Alicia Florrick to me, but I cannot praise her enough. 

"She's such an amazing woman and she's actually renamed my character and everyone is calling me 'Foxy Conor' now," Matthew laughed. 

Behind the scenes, Matthew has been enjoying seeing all of "The Good Wife" sets in person. 

"I do geek out a little bit, I have to be honest, but at the end of the day, it's such a pleasure. I feel like I know these people already, and I love that I'm a fan of the show because I know how these people interact with each other and all the relationships," he said. 

"The coolest thing for me is actually being on set and walking around. I'm like, 'Oh! There's the Florricks' apartment and there's the kitchen!' you know, seeing all the set pieces that I know so well. ... It's really cool," he added. 

"The Good Wife" series finale will occur in May, it was announced publicly during a Super Bowl commercial. Matthew wasn't on set when the cast learned the news, but said people on set are in "good spirits." 

"I actually was working the week beforehand and I didn't even know that it was possibly the last season, and I was in a scene with Julianna. She told me that, 'Yeah, we'll find out next week.' So I wasn't there for the shock of it all, but I've been there since then. Everyone is in good spirits, everyone's like, 'We're going out on top,'" he said. 

"I'm such a huge fan of the show, and my wife and I have been for so many years, and so this is a great -- just thrilling opportunity for me to be a part of the show," Matthew added. 

Catch Matthew on "The Good Wife," this Sunday at 9/8c on CBS.

-- Jolie Lash

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